Despite being less than a year old, Ingeniciel is one of the fastest growing enterprises in France. Labeling itself as the future of medicine approach, the company aims to provide a solution to problems facing the health sector using Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology.

The proposed Ingeniciel platform will avail a simplified and efficient ways of organizing medical records. Using blockchain-powered, secure and decentralized applications, the system will guarantee fast turnarounds as well as privacy, with newbie companies having an opportunity to create a strong bond with their customers.

Furthermore, the platform is reinforced with top-notch security infrastructure, making it impossible for malicious parties to access confidential data. Later on, the project will emphasize on blending artificial intelligence into medicine, where expert systems will assist human doctors in their work.

The Ingeniciel Ecosystem

The Ingeniciel ecosystem will comprise of two entities; a platform centered on doctors and patients and a network built on the blockchain. Within the platform, patients will consult their records and upload it to the facility of their preference. Here, a doctor will analyze the records and afterwards give an appropriate recommendation. Fundamentally, the patient has full autonomy over his medical profile and can present it to any desired member institution for further analysis.

On the other hand, the network built on the blockchain will be decentralized and peer-to-peer. This implies that data flows directly from the source to the recipient without passing through a central node. As a result, processing times are considerably faster. To make the network more secure, interlocutors such as tiered hierarchies and smart contracts are implemented.

Problems Solved By Ingeniciel

Currently, the medical industry lacks capable systems to handle intensive applications as well as the voluminous amounts of patient records in a timely manner. Ingeniciel will quickly store and utilize its inbuilt AI to diagnose and recommend remedies efficiently.

Moreover, Ingeniciel will set precedence for nascent blockchain-based health platforms. Consequently, this will create an industry where the health interest leverages blockchain and AI technologies to provide better healthcare services to the patients.

Benefits Of The Ingeniciel Ecosystem

To Patients:

  1. The mobile app allows patients to create a personal profile in which they can store their medical history. Furthermore, users can interact with desired medical facilities fast and privately within this platform.
  2. Upon registration, each patient is entitled to a vast storage space. Here, they can save their medical record, which in turn gives them control of their health conditions.

To Doctors And Institutions:

  1. Thanks to blockchain technology, physicians and their facilities do not have to worry about breaches that may lead to leakage of the confidential info they often come across.

Ingeniciel Token (INGCL)

The INGCL is the principal medium of exchange within the Ingeniciel platform. Notably, the INGCL is a NXT Token, meaning that to access it, users have to own a NXT wallet.

During the ICO, a maximum of 70 million INGCL were mined. Out of these, 1,550,000 were made available in the crowdsale. The ICO accepted payments made in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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