Initial Coin Offering Stats

Are you having trouble keeping up with all of the ICOs that have taken place across the industry? You’re not alone. That’s why ICO Stats wants to help.

What Is Initial Coin Offering Stats?

ICO Stats, found online at, is an informational website dedicated to listing the performance of the top ICOs underway at the moment.

You can visit the site to check the 24 hour ROI, 1 week ROI, or 1 month ROI of various digital tokens, for example. you can also filter results by only checking ERC-20 tokens, or change which currency you’re measuring the ICO against (USD, EUR, or BTC).

At the moment, ICO Stats features about 50 different ICOs. All of the big names are on there, and new names are being added frequently. Ethereum, Stratis, IOTA, AntShares, Spectrecoin, Etheroll, Ark, and others are at the top of the list in terms of the ROI since inception.

One of the most interesting parts of ICO Stats is checking the company’s ICO price versus the current price. You can see which companies have lost the faith of investors, which companies appear to have been overvalued, and which companies have suddenly attracted a surge of investor attention.

What Else Can You Learn On Initial Coin Offering Stats?

Here are some of the other valuable stats available through the sidebar on ICO Stats:

  • Recent Performers
  • ROI Since ICO
  • ROI / Time
  • ICO vs ETH
  • ICO vs BTC
  • Comparisons
  • Upcoming ICOs

Who Created Initial Coin Offering Stats?

ICO Stats’ future roadmap is available through their Trello page.

The project appears to be led by two developers named Cooper Maruyama and Nisa Andrews. Through the contact form on, you can request new ICOs to be added to the list.

Initial Coin Offering Stats Conclusion is one of the best-looking ICO statistics websites available online today. It offers a wealth of information about ICOs available at a glance. You can see which ICOs have had the biggest gains and losses since inception, and which ICOs may become the next Ethereum or IOTA. Users enjoy colorful graphs, a straightforward UI, and fast response times. Check to learn more about how to track statistics from new, old, and upcoming ICOs.

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