Injii Access Coin

Injii Access Coin (IAC) is a digital currency that aims to make a positive influence in the world. Find out how the coin plans to do that today in our review.

What Is Injii Access Coin?

Injii Access Coin, or IAC, is a digital token found online at

The goal of the cryptocurrency is to promote a more positive world. To do that, IAC will showcase artists’ content, help promote charitable content, and support various causes.

Users can participate in the injii Access Coin platform to support a particular charity, support an artist, or offer their services to different causes. The injii Access Coin can also be used to gain entry to injii events – including concerts – which are scheduled to take place in the near future across the United States.

Injii’s token sale for IAC tokens takes place throughout November and December 2017.

How Does Injii Access Coin Work?

Injii aims to reduce the overall cost of fundraising by connecting content creators with charities. Through the use of an open-source broadcast platform, injii enables users to interact, donate, and engage in “decentralized content for the greater good.”

The platform describes itself as “a movement, a network for social good…global outreach without borders, created for those who want to take a standard for what’s right.” The platform wants to “provide hope and opportunity for everyone through the creation and broadcast of media content.”

Obviously, that’s a lot of flowery language. So which concrete goals does injii hope to accomplish? The company’s whitepaper outlines three core goals:

  • Give content creators an easier way to reach a large audience while maintaining their content rights and ability to monetize their work
  • Give deserving charities a platform where they can raise donations for their cause without paying excessive fees
  • Create a platform that isn’t about how much users give, but how much the entire network raises together on a global scale, because “philanthropy shouldn’t discriminate based on income,” explains the whitepaper

Overall, the platform plans to cater to a community of members dedicated to charity, including content creators, users, charities, and sponsors. Content creators can connect with active and engaged viewers. Meanwhile, all content uploaded to the injii platform is still registered to (and owned by) the content creator.

The platform will rely on AdShares technology (ADST) and smart contracts. The integration of AdShares means users are rewarded with tokens in exchange for watching advertisements on the platform.

What Problems Does injii Seek to Solve?

Injii seeks to solve a big problem with the world’s charity system: charities spend too much money on overhead costs, and a vast amount of money is spent on the cost of raising donations.

The injii whitepaper explains that Americans donated a total of $389 billion to public charities in 2016. However, $144 billion of those contributions were spent on the cost to raise donations. That means $0.37 of every dollar raised by charities never reached its cause.

The injii platform aims to solve that problem by cutting the cost of fundraising to zero.

How Does the injii Access Coin (IAC) Work?

The IAC token is an ERC223 standard token that aims to open the door to unique events and experiences for those who want to get involved in a project. Some of the possible “injii Access Events” include concerts, festivals, recording sessions, online shows, and more.

Users can also spend the tokens on merchandise (like memorabilia and limited edition souvenirs) or online/physical content. The value of the IAC token is determined by the community.

All funds raised from the injii crowdsale will be used to fund charity benefit experiences (injii Access Events). The company plans to launch events in the United States and nationwide.

Meanwhile, users of the injii platform can earn tokens in the folloing ways:

  • Engaging with content creators
  • Voting and rating content creators
  • Commenting on content
  • Engaging with causes
  • Donating to charities
  • Raising awareness for a cause
  • Engaging with partners and sponsors
  • Using partner services
  • Referring friends and family to the platform

The injii Access Coin (IAC) ICO

The injii crowdsale is scheduled for November 20 (11:00 EST) to December 15.

50% (500 million) of the total supply (1 billion) of injii tokens will be offered for sale as part of the IAC coin purchase. There’s a price of $0.12 USD per IAC during the token sale.

The crowdsale will only accept BTC or ETH in exchange for IAC. A pre-sale will take place before the ICO, during which up to 100 million IAC will be available for sale at a price of $0.06 USD, and a further 100 million will be available at a price of $0.09 USD. You’ll need to purchase a minimum of 2 million coins during the $0.06 sale window, and a minimum of 500,000 coins during the $0.09 sales window.

Of the remaining 50% of the total supply, 25% (250 million) will be allocated to the company. The other 25% will be allocated towards user and content acquisition.

Who’s Behind injii?

Injii is led by founder and CEO Justin Paul, President and COO Robert Varghese, and CTO David Alfonso Castaneda.

Justin Paul has been a bootstrap, startup entrepreneur since age 12, when he built websites for local businesses. Today, he’s dedicated to creating products that help millions of people worldwide. He’s originally from New York.

Injii Access Coin Conclusion

The overall goal of injii is to use an open-sourced broadcast platform to allow users to interact, donate, and engage in decentralized content for the greater good.

With injii, charitable giving doesn’t revolve around the size of one person’s donation. Instead, injii “is about everyone coming together in real-time to connect through great content and get involved in great causes.”

The ecosystem revolves around injii Access Coins, or IAC, which can grant you access to exclusive injii events. Events – including concerts – are scheduled to take place across the United States after the ICO is complete.

To learn more about injii, visit the platform online today at

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