What Is Inkrypt?

Inkrypt is a new decentralized solution for the problems of censure that exist in the world. It is no secret that many governments are oppressive and they do not let their citizens access services or websites that are against what they believe is right.

The end result of this oppression is that many people around the world end suffering for that because they do not really have the freedom to access the content that they want in the way that they want to. Inkrypt wants to use the blockchain technology and encryption to prevent this type of attack from happening and enabling people to have the power to make their own decisions.

The Inkrypt Journalism Blockchain Solution

One of the main arguments of the company is that we live in an era in which journalism is vital for the information of people and sometimes their lives may depend on it, which is something that oppressive governments know, so they control the sources of information.

By using this technology, the journalism ends up being considerably stronger in conflict zones and oppressive regimes because it is able to actually reach people and inform them even if some government blocks IPs or DNS addresses.

How Inkrypt Content Delivery & Media Storage Protocol Works

The main purpose of this platform is the creation of a decentralized global distributed nodal network that can store and render journalist pieces and files in a way that is completely immutable, truthful and secure for the users to access while they remain anonymous to their governments.

This can be done via an Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) that ensures the protection and integrity of the files. The process uses dynamic storage allocation to fragment the information, replicate it and distribute it via the blockchain.

Cache hit cache miss algorithms end up determining the files that are most request and distribute the system to enable people to access it without the system failing. Basically, the nodes who are accessed and do not have the information send a request to the node who have it and it copies a file and sends to them. This way, content can be delivered all the way via the platform and repacked at any time.

At the moment the platform is still looking for business partners that can help it to deliver the best available services and finish the creation of the platform. We still do not have information about whether the company is really thinking about monetization of the service or if it will be focused on a humanitarian aid.

Because of this, there is no Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or anything of the sort confirmed until now, but if something like this happens in the future, check our site to know more about it.

The Inkrypt Team

The creators of this company are entrepreneurs from the technology industry that are concerned with how journalism can help people based in conflict zones and about how technology can be improved to make it more accessible.

The main team members are Arkam Javed (Blockchain Implementation), Farhan Javed (Corporate Development and Finance), Dr. Muhammad Ali Chaudhary (System Architecture), Wardah Chaudhary (Community Outreach), Rohan Chaudhary (Marketing and Content Creation), Brian Taylor (Lead of Development) and Matthew McAteer (Developer).

Inkrypt also has two advisors on the team: Dr. Adrian McCullagh (Legal Counsel) and Philip H. Beauregard (Strategic Advisor). The main partners of the company are Harvard Innovation Lab, MassChallenge,, Harvard College Innovation Challenge and

Inkrypt states on its site that it is currently hiring people who are interested in working on the company.

Inkrypt Conclusion

The idea that drives Inkrypt is, indeed, very good. Technology can definitely help people to solve many different social issues if well used, so it is refreshing to see initiatives like this. Our bet is that if this service is able to achieve its funding needs and can actually be made, it will definitely create something new and exciting that can help people in need in many different countries.

Are you going to use Inkrypt? If you live in a democracy where there is not a lot of censorship, hardly, but it might still be a good idea to give this company a look.

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