What Is Inmediate?

Inmediate is a blockchain-driven project that aims to disrupt service delivery in the insurance sector through the deployment of smart contracts and usage of crypto utility tokens. The primary objective of this project is to make insurance services affordable and accessible, especially to populations that are currently overlooked by insurance companies.

Current Situation In The Insurance Sector

Despite the significant developments in several sectors of the economy, the insurance industry has somewhat remained stagnant. As a result, service delivery in this niche is still plagued by numerous challenges, including complexity, non-transparency, inflexibility and incredibly slow processing of transactions. Essentially, most of the processes and tasks are still conducted in an analog manner, characterized by excessive paperwork.

The Future Of The Insurance Sector

In the future, technologies such as the internet, blockchain, smart contracts, cryptography and the Internet of Things will significantly contribute to the revolution of the insurance industry. Thus, insurance services will be universally accessible to every person with an intent connection. In addition, data will be secured on impenetrable blockchain databases.

On the other hand, insurers will enjoy reduced operational costs as a consequence of digitizing their services. Moreover, cases of fraud will be eliminated. The insurance companies will have total control over risk and portfolio management, allowing them to focus on product development, predictive analysis and other factors that improve the quality of service delivery.

Inmediate Components

The main components of the Inmediate network are insurers, customers and distributors.

Insurers and reinsurers are the ‘manufacturers’ who provide insurance services, offer promotions and organize loyalty programs. Customers are the consumers of the insurance services. Besides, they also offer feedback regarding the quality of service delivery.

Distributors connect the consumers to the insurers. Fundamentally, they are the gateway between these two parties.

Inmediate Blockchain Smart Contract Insurance Features

Native Cryptocurrency

The DIT tokens is the preferred medium of exchange within the Inmediate ecosystem. However, fiat currencies are also eligible.

Product Catalogue

Inmediate leverages a decentralized file storage mechanism to keep the product catalogue updated. Users can access this using customized interfaces and APIs.

Order Placement

Upon the ordering of a product using fiat or digital currencies, user will be eligible for various rewards and prices.

Policy Overview

Inmediate will avail a comprehensive policy overview that covers all insures and distributors to customers. Therefore, users can assess the services provided by various members of the network.

Claims And Pay-out Handling

All claims and payments will be processed automatically, with the provision for revisiting earlier transactions also given.

Promotions, Discounts And Loyalty Programs

Returning customers will be privy to more loyalty points and discounts.


Users who give feedbacks are likely to earn DIT tokens as an incentive.


Insurers and distributors must demonstrate ability to pay all claims and have a balance of DIT tokens before being allowed to operate.

Inmediate DIT Token ICO Details

As mentioned earlier, the DIT token is the native cryptocurrency of the Inmediate network. It also acts as the minimum requirement for insurers and distributors who wish to provide services on the Inmediate ecosystem.

Token Distribution

The DIT tokens will be distributed as follows;

  • 50% – token sale
  • 15% -team
  • 5% – bounty
  • 10% – reserve
  • 20% – partners and contributors

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