What Is Inmusik?

Inmusik is an ecosystem that supports the music industry in terms of streaming and social interaction based on blockchain technology. The platform provides cryptocurrency rewards and a financial framework for the building of future applications for the music industry. The platform is built to be the first in providing rewards in equal measure to both listeners and content creators with basis on their provision of value to the ecosystem.

How Inmusik Blockchain Music Streaming & Business Platform Works

Inmusik has an application that provides a platform for music streaming that is advertisement free for its users. The application has a great number of artists, songs, and albums in which fans can earn money and gain free membership through their contribution to the community. Artists are given an opportunity to upload and manage their music, interact with their fans, sell tickets and merchandise and in turn get fair and transparent earnings.

Inmusik Rewards

Listeners and music lovers get rewarded in such a way that they earn tokens for discovering great new songs. This helps the best music to appear through voting and for backing up artists for them to succeed. Users are rewarded through their active participation in music.

The platform also supports the growth of artists. It is structured in a unique way allowing artists to get higher payouts. They also get earnings for posting content, from streams, for attracting new fans and during bets on their success made by fans. Every earning is value fixed to the US dollar so that payouts are regular and fair.

Inmusik also support labels for artists. It works with great publishing companies worldwide in order to create an improved copyright management system for the whole music industry on blockchain. The platform also offers content owners with large payouts, monitoring of earnings and the distribution of payouts that is automated.

Inmusik Supporting Assets

The platform has two supporting assets: the Inmusik tokens (Sound Coin) and the Inmusik cash(IC).

Sound cloud is the platform's token from which the value of the Inmusik cash is derived. The tokens are ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens can be acquired or sold by users during the token sale. The tokens are used as payment during financial transactions on the platform and as conversions for rewards. The tokens can be purchased directly by users through their verified accounts.

Inmusik cash was created to improve stability of the platform since the value of Sound Coin will keep on changing. IC is built to be a stable currency and paid as rewards to users of the platform.

Inmusik Benefits


Fans are always rewarded for interacting in the system through finding new music on the platform and help it to surface and be known.

Fair Artist's Payout

The platform allows artists to get earnings in a transparent and fair way and to connect directly with their fans and get their support.

Financial Tracking

The revenue that is earned is easily automated and transparent by use of smart contracts and a third generation distributed ledger making it easier to track it.

Faster Liquidity

Payouts are available instantly with no wait time for earnings made on the ecosystem.

Inmusik SOUND Token ICO Details

  • Token symbol: SOUND
  • Token sale date: TBA
  • Accepted payment method: USD, EUR, INR, BTC, ETH
  • Total token supply: 400,000,000
  • ICO: 1,000,000 Soft cap

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