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The Innosilicon S11 Siamaster is a crypto miner manufactured from Innosilicon Company that is used in mining Siacoin (SC). The miner integrates the use of Blake2B algorithm in order to carry out its operations. The S11 Siamaster’s main highlights is its high hash rate and low power consumption during the mining process, which results in a reduction in electricity expenses during the operation.

The S11 Siamaster is available for purchase on the Innosilicon website at a price of 3500 USD or 24.768 LTC or 0.422113 BTC. The price, however, can change due to market forces. The cost is exclusive of shipping costs and the cost of the power supply unit.

Features And Benefits

Hash rate

The miner has a hash rate of 3.83TH/s with a variance of +/-8%. This is 4.7 times higher than the hash rate of most miners in the market today. The high hash rate results in low power usage during the operation and subsequently low electricity costs.

Power Consumption

The machine has lower power consumption during the mining operation, which is 1380 Watts, which varies by 8%. The mentioned power consumption is during normal mode at the wall. This results in a 93% efficiency using the power supply unit, which is the energy efficient ratio, and a 25°C temperature. This makes the miner more efficient option as it uses 0.352 joules per Gigahash.


The miner is built using S11 SiaMaster ASIC chip type technology. This technology results in the miners being extremely stable and thus reduces the cost incurred in carrying out the operation and therefore giving a higher Return on Investment compared to other miners in the industry.

innosilicon s11 siamaster


The miner has more hash rate compared to other equipment in the market today, which is at 3.83TH/s (TeraHash/second). The profits are calculated using the hash rate. The miner can produce $48.70 per day, $1,460.89 per month and $17,530.70 annually in form of profits. The profits are higher than other mining equipment available in the market can produce for its users.


The miner operates at a humidity of 5 – 95 % and a temperature of 0°C—85°C (device junction temperature), which is the optimal temperature for the miner operation and thus making it easy to maintain and reliability in its performance.

Set Up

The miner uses Ethernet to interface with other nodes, which is a simpler, compared to other methods. Innosilicon also offers after sales support for users in case they require assistance on how to set up and maintain their equipment.

Power Supply

The S11 SIAMASTER can use any power supply unit that has enough watts. Innosilicon however recommends its power supply units that customized to suit the need of the users of the miner.

Shipping And Warranty

Shipping of the miner will begin on 27 April 2018. Once a customer makes the payment, the order is processed and the delivery process begins. Delivery will be based or the first pay, first served order. The company guarantees safety of the miners during the shipment. Transit security is ensured by charging insurance fees together with shipping fees.

The miners have a 180 days parts warranty for miners that are purchased directly from the Innosilicon. There are a few cases where the warranty will not be applicable, that is, when the components are damaged by water, damages due to poor quality power supply units, destroyed miners, altered, or replaced components of the miners.

Innosilicon S11 Siamaster Conclusion

The above-mentioned features and advantages make the miner one of a worthwhile investment for individuals in the crypto mining industry who would like to mine Siacoin. All the same, its high price tag might make it not easily accessible to miners who might not have the necessary financial capability.

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