What Is Innovative Bioresearch?

Innovative Bioresearch is a privately owned biotech company that is based in Italy. It is owned and founded by research scientist Jonathan Fior. Its goal is to bring innovation to the biotech field with focus on cancer, HIV, and regeneration research. To maximize results and reduce costs the team performs highly specialized research and partners with state of the art CROs and institutions.

The platform is launching a token sale for supporting an AIDS cure research. The organization will also come up with an application that provides a decentralized database for clinical Data generated by the platforms future trials. This will help overcome the limitations of the current decentralized databases. Additionally, the platform will provide a social platform for the HIV positive community and for the Innovative Bioresearch services.

How Innovative Bioresearch Blockchain Health Research Works

HIV infection leads to a progressive decline in the functionality and number of CD4+ T lymphocytes, which leads to the development of AIDS. Several hypotheses have been given as an explanation why the HIV virus has a higher tropism for SupT1 cells. Jonathan Fior proposes the infusion of the irradiated SuP T1 cells as a cell-based HIV therapy to exploit the therapeutic potential of this phenomenon. The rationale behind the approach is that moving the infection towards the inoculated cells should prevent infection and depletion of the patients CD4+ T cells.

The cell-based treatment will have numerous benefits compared to the traditional drug-based therapies such benefits include:

  • The vaccination effect
  • Potentially no organ toxicity
  • Be effective for patients in the terminal stage of disease that has developed drug-resistant and very aggressive HIV strains
  • Possible association of the treatment with novel molecular compounds such As Vif-inhibitor to act on HIV reservoirs
  • A cost-effective AIDS cure solution

Additionally, the company hopes to build a decentralized database using blockchain that will store and make it easier to access clinical data. This will be made possible by the creation of the “you are not alone app”. This app will have a user-friendly interface that allows clinicians running a clinical investigation to enter data produced by their trial.

The application will be the official channel through which patients can access the Sup T1 infusion therapy by gaining access to all the ongoing clinical trials. Some of the benefits of the creation of the decentralized database include:

  • Decentralization, as the database will be available to everyone
  • Security, the use of smart contracts prevents fraudulent data from being added to the blockchain

Innovative Bioresearch INNBC Token & ICO Details

The INNBC token will be backed by value in form of a real physical good. The platform hopes to launch the INNBC JDM ONLINE GARAGE where INNBC token holders can use them to buy cars from a selection of high-quality classic JDM cars such as Subaru, Skylines, and Supras. The platform will offer great deals on their garage and will provide worldwide shipping.

The INNBC token is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum network. The total number of tokens that will be available during the public sale will be 50,000,000 tokens. The ICO sale will start on 1st May and end on 1st August 2018. The accepted payment is Ethereium. The minimum purchase for every investor is 110 INNBC tokens.

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