Inoovi (IVI Token) and Two Brazilian Soccer Teams Form Partnership

Inoovi And Brazilian Football Team Form Partnership

Atletico-PR and Corinthians, two Brazilian Football Teams, signed a partnership with a Hong Kong-based crypto startup Inoovi, which is recognized for its IVI token created for the sport.

The partnership has been named the “innovation in Brazil’s sports market” by Mario Celso Petraglia. The partnership allows Atletico-PR a 12-month grade period for its adoption of the IVI token. Adoption of the token will promote Inoovit because its name will be on the team’s uniforms and website.

Once the grace period comes to an end, the teams and the organization behind it will need to use the currency in negotiations, to pay salaries, and on other expenses. The club is also receiving money for the partnership, but word is that the funds are only enough to for a promotional campaign. He team released a statement, noting that

Cryptocurrencies have been gaining value and we have no doubt about that. I, in particular, will be part of [those who] purchase this currency as an investment for my personal savings and recommend it to everyone.”

In terms of what the deal is expected to generate in terms of profits, Petraglia mentioned that he intends to transform the club using them. Loic Lacam, the CEO of Inoovi was also at the press conference, stating that the company will provide support as the team adopts the cryptocurrency.

Additionally, another Brazilian football club has adopted the currency and others are expected to follow suit in time. The value of the IVI token has increased as well – from $0.10 to $1.00 once the announcement took place. Those who hold IVI token will be able to gain access to VIP rooms during matches, meet with players and purchase autographed gear and tickets at ad iscount.

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