Inspem ICO (INP Token)

99% of the video created is not used by anyone in any way. Most videos are erased to free up space in the hard drive or just lost in oblivion. However, these videos might be vital at times. Many face recognition systems coupled with artificial intellect will dramatically change the world.


The complex solutions for biometric face recognition in public places on deep-learning neural networks operate dramatically faster than the traditional algorithms. Their monetization model is that everyone who searches for a person or an event footage pays for it. INSPEN takes a fee for their services. A user that is willing to sell their content can do it for monetary benefits.

They are developing the INSPEM platform based on an already existing MVP with deep machine learning and blockchain technology. With integration of partner systems with the INSPEM platform, they ensure access to the maximal possible number of cameras around the world. They are also developing their own API for interaction with third party application.

Application Of INSPEM

  • Missing people search: INSPEM is capable of developing solutions, which would not only swiftly find the missing person, but also swiftly react to events, that would be defined in their artificial intelligent algorithm.
  • Government services assistance: Special services will be provided to governments who can send pictures of a criminal to their database, and they can cross check their network of cameras for a match.
  • To increase safety: Certain gestures performed in front of the camera can trigger emergency response.
  • Solving everyday tasks: It can be beneficial in solving disputes in multiple situations, when captured on camera.

Inspem ICO (INP Token) Details

INP is an Ethereum based token, which supports the ERC20 standard. The INP token is a utility token and will be used to access the platform’s internal features. It is not a security token so the token holders do not receive dividends from the company. Base price for 5000 INP is 1 ETH and the minimal transaction allowed is for 0.1 ETH.

Token Distribution:

  • 80% of tokens will be distributed to investors during the ICO.
  • 15% of tokens will be given to the founders and developers.
  • 5% of token will be utilized within the bounty campaign framework.

Disposition Of ICO Funds:

  • 40% goes in development and integration of the product.
  • 30% is reserved for marketing expenses for participation in the international exhibitions and other PR. Money will also be used in acquisition of new users and engaging with partners to engage in swift exponential growth.
  • 20% is the primary fund for token maintenance of token exchange liquidity and INP buy-back from the investors.
  • 10% is utilized in operating expenses for the office and legal support.

Pre Sale:

Pre Sale starts on 20th of March 2018 and finishes on 16th of April 2018 or when the hard cap is reached. The hard cap is set to 2000 ETH. Pre Sale will be held in 2 phases with the first one being for a bonus of 100% and the second will have a bonus of 50%.


ICO will be held in 4 phases. First phase has a bonus of 30%, Second phase has bonus of 20 %, Third phase has a bonus of 10 % while the fourth phase doesn’t have any bonus.

Inspem ICO (INP Token) Conclusion

In 5 years, INSPEM plans to become not only a people search service but also a large system capable of solving much more important and serious tasks. More can be found out about the company and their ICO on

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