Berminal: Real-Time Bitcoin, Blockchain & Crypto Market News App

Instant Crypto News Available At Fingertip Through Berminal App

Berminal is a real-time news terminal with curated content from all major and authentic news sources that spans globally.

They provide curated content by professional crypto reporters from CCN, Cointelegraph, Techcrunch, and others. Additionally, they have news feed from 100+ RSS, Twitter, Reddit across different languages and regions and 24/7 coverage of news in cryptocurrency and alert.

Easy data sorting and news aggregation helps a crypto enthusiast help and research cryptocurrencies and analyze major price changes. Instant push notification helps one keep up with market trends.

About The UI

The app interface is sleek and intuitive. The homepage includes a list of different articles with a 1 sentence preview. A “cliff notes” version synopsis is available just a click away which allows a user to read through dozens of articles in minutes. If you want to read the full version of an article, that is also just another click away from where you’re redirected to the originating source. You’re also given the ability to vote whether or not you felt the article had bullish or bearish sentiment, while also seeing how the rest of the community perceived it.

The middle tab takes you to market charts where you’re then able to filter news by currency. Simply click on the currency you want to see the news for and start reading articles under the news tab.

The App has 2 attractive feature for the reader:

  1. Instant News Feed – users get their news in real-time. This is enhanced on Berminal by the translation and writing abilities of dedicated writers, as well as the speed and effectiveness of their crawler engine.
  2. TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) – in the current age of social media, long articles hardly get read all the way. The app provides a summarized ‘cliff notes’ version of full articles. This gives users the ability to read 10 articles at the same time it takes to read one.

Berminal is a must have app for anyone with an interest in cryptocurrencies. It is a one-stop-shop app you need to stay up-to-date on news, developments, and industry trends while on the go or at your computer. It’s available for download for free now in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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