The global economy is transitioning into a service economy. There is a rapidly expanding middle class, growing urbanization, and more disposable income among millennials and retirees. These trends are leading to a growing demand for various services. As a result, the service industry is expected to be worth trillions of dollars globally.

The gig economy, where people complete short services and tasks is changing the labor market. There is a huge need for services and service providers to meet these needs. However, various issues need to be resolved.

The Instoken Blockchain Integrated Services Solution

The various issues that exist between consumers and the service providers can be resolved via the Instance App. The Instoken, which is an Ethereum base solution that features smart contracts, will power this app.

Instance App is a simple aggregator of services, which provides a great platform for the workers in the gig economy. It will help them ply their services with minimal fees and zero costs to start. The app will let consumers browse, review, compare, and evaluate credible service providers.

Instance will also allow consumers to connect visually, in real time, with service providers, which will elevate trust and comfort. This app has a growing and existing marketplace after it launched in Taiwan at the start of 2018 and Malaysia in Q2. Thus, it is a viable, proven business model with various drivers of growth such as:

  • Services are a fundamental need of any consumer for the entirety of their life
  • Instance addresses the issues of low-cost startups that aspire to have a digital presence and a global reach
  • The instoken will eliminate the shortcoming of the existing payment models and offer a global currency for service providers and the consumers.

To boost the growth of Instance and seed the network using Insta, the distributor will issue Insta at a token generation event. The Insta token will be a transactional stable token. It will be used for the transactions inside the Instance app. The Instoken platform has the potential of powering the global services marketplace. The service providers and consumers will be able to benefit globally.

The Current Market

Today, most services may be seamlessly delivered to the consumer online. There is a growing supply of freelancers and home-based business, which are able to tap into the global market using the power of the internet.

Various digital platforms allow consumers to connect to service providers directly, thus eliminating the need for any middleman and fees that they take. Most of the freelancers now work in the gig economy. This is where people work on short projects on a contract basis.

Various estimates claim that by 2020, the gig economy will employ over 40 percent of the workforce. In the US today, there are more than 53 million freelancers. The gig economy is challenging the conventional way of finding work. This is leading to the growing fluidity of the labor market and opening up a new world for services for the consumers.

Instoken INSTA Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: INSTA
  • Type: ERC20
  • Price: 1 INSTA = 0.05 USD
  • Accepted: ETH
  • Hard Cap: 20,000,000 INSTA
  • Date: Q3 2018

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