The revolution of blockchain technology is subject to extreme hype although there are a lot of truths when it comes to acquiring to the capability of the transformative nature of the industries. One such sector is the insurance industry, which is set to experience an extreme disruption regarding the whole operations and ecosystems. Here's one such blockchain start-up that aims to navigate the potential of blockchain technology to meet the realities of our insurance industry.

What Is Insureum?

INSUREUM is a blockchain-based ecosystem that aims to bridge the gap within the insurance industry and between insurers, policyholders, and other insurance players. The platform will utilize the Insureum protocol to enable insurers to get the accurate data for their policies, while the policy developers and insurers can incentivize the services through applications.

Furthermore, the policyholders will also get rewards for the sharing of their anonymous data to insurers looking for market research data. With such an ecosystem, the interested parties get to securely establish the insurance relationships and build more effective policies, which could save the industry from a lot of challenges.

How Insureum Zikto Blockchain Insurance Coin Works

The Insureum Protocol will work under a decentralized ecosystem with a token system that allows for different parties to buy and sell their confidential insurance data.

INSUREUM potential disruption within the insurance sector. The Insureum token is the native digital token which is set to act as a tool for use by the participants in access the ecosystem's value chain or creating the decentralized insurance products.

Consumers get to pay for their insurance services through cryptocurrency with the digital token also set to feature as a form of incentive and transaction mode. Additionally, the token will form an integral part of the Insureum economy with most of its functions surrounding on data sharing, rewarding, insurance validation and transactions through the Insureum protocol.

Insureum Benefits

  • Builds trust-the lack of trust within the insurance sector is a major focal point, and Insureum aims to eliminate this by creating a trustless and transparent network of consumers
  • Better efficiency-with the inefficient data-entry in insurance companies, insurance coverage, is still a far-fetched capability. However, with Insureum each user is n charge of their data with an additional forwarding feature for each verification
  • Efficient claims processing-under the Insureum ecosystem, the use of smart contracts will help solve the issue of claims management by offering claims of the deals, and the benefiting the users through the verifiable, responsive and transparent manner.
  • A less fraudulent system-Insureum compelling goal is to improvise the blockchain technology to detect and eliminate fraud, the verifiable and secure ledger

The Future Of Insureum

There are a lot of hurdles that face our traditional insurance sector, and Insureum is an excellent example of an initiative looking to develop an inclusive insurance ecosystem. Ultimately, Insureum could provide for a win-win situation for the whole insurance industry.

Insureum ISR Token ICO Details

The initial public sale will run from June 30 with the goal set funding of 3 million USD at a rate of 1 Insureum token to 0.1 USD. The Pre-sale is had its listing in May 2018 with no specifics on the date.

  • Ticker- ISR
  • Total supply- 297 million tokens
  • Total distribution- 193 million ISR
  • Investment cap- Min 0.1 ETH
  • Acceptable cryptos- ETH

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