Finding investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency sector is quite easy, but the real challenge comes when you want to build a lucrative portfolio. You will need to spend a lot of time and effort researching all the various options as you go through the unregulated and untamed crypto ecosystem.

Fortunately, you can now utilize a wide range of tools that will help you digest the barrage of crypto news, thus helping you make better decisions. The Intelligent Trading Foundation represents one such trading tool and it offers very insightful data on the current trends in the sector.

The artificial intelligence backbone of the Intelligence Trading Foundation service runs a deep analysis of all market activities. This AI system can easily identify sentiment indicators, price breaks and various other notable signals faster and better than humans.

Additionally, after completing the analysis, the data is delivered to clients through custom alerts on Telegram. The advantage of using ITF for traders is that they only need a quick glance at the insights and then proceed to make more informed and confident crypto investment decisions.

Crypto Trading Exchanges And Platforms

The two notable tools that crypto day traders use regularly are cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. Top exchanges like KuCoin, Coinbase and Binance provide users a few helpful materials to help in buying or selling actions. However, experienced investors like having a lot more information than the basic market charts found on most crypto exchanges.

It is apparent that you cannot rely on the tools provided by these trading platforms to understand the current state of the crypto market. While conducting extensive research is usually recommended, it can be hard to sift through all that information. The solution here lies in using ITF to provide more robust, AI based investment data in real time, thus offering better clarity and actionable notifications. It allows crypto investors to set up automated actions to capitalize on specific trends.

Let the artificial intelligence do all the work for you and identify your next big opportunity. Once the analysis is ready, it is just a matter of opening your Telegram app and scanning through the available information.

How ITF Cryptocurreny Trading Signals & Insights Works

ITF is a straightforward, use-friendly tool that does not have a steep learning curve. There is a lot of confusing cryptocurrency data currently available on the internet. The ITF uses its artificial intelligence brain to sift through all these details and provide you with actionable data.

End users only need to add the ITF bot on their Telegram app to take advantage of all the crypto market insights. The bot will deliver informative alerts all through the day, which are customized you your needs and subscription option. Using ITF means that you only need to check your Telegram regularly to stay updated on important market events within the cryptocurrency sector.

The ITF bot also provides sentiment tags below every actionable item, such as bullish, bearish and important. These tags allow users to react and share their thoughts about real-time events occurring in the cryptocurrency world. Additionally, it also helps to strengthen the overall reliability of data provided by the ITF bot.

There are several subscription plans to choose that are based on the level of insight you want. The first level is a basic plan that features useful information to help you in regular daily trading activities. It is a free plan that features instant alerts for RSI, Ichimoku signals, upside potential, sentiment alerts and both volume and price alerts.

For deeper insights, ITF offers a $20 monthly second tier plan that adds more alerts, including downside potential, risk horizon and also supports all coins listed on most exchanges. Paying for the service also helps to make the service more customizable. You can customize the alerts based on which coins you want, blacklists and also utilize the proprietary RSI and SMA alerts. Additionally, plans are already underway to develop and release the Pro and Advanced tier levels, but subscription prices have not been announced yet.

What Competition Is ITF Facing?

There are quite a number of key players in the data insights marketplace, including companies like Pareto and Cryptometer that offer similar features and resources. However, they all have unique processes in how they produce their insights. For instance, Cryptometer still depends on human information to drive its notifications. Similarly, Pareto incentives people to share actionable crypto opportunities within a P2P marketplace where traders get reward for providing beneficial information.

Why Choose Intelligent Trading

By providing AI-based insights, ITF is able to find predictions and patterns that may have likely gone unnoticed by humans. It removes the barrier to start your crypto trading journey as it only requires users to add a Telegram bot and then keep checking for new information at any time during the day.

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