Intellium claims to be the first cryptocurrency-backed investment-oriented research and development platform for a digital economy. Find out what that means today in our review.

What Is Intellium?

Intellium, found online at, is a digital token that aims to fuel investments in research and development.

An ICO for INTL tokens took place in July and August 2017, during which 20 million tokens were available for sale.

The overall goal of the platform is to create an ecosystem with three key goals in mind:

  • Select top talents and ideas
  • Accelerate placement into incubators
  • Invest in top performers

The whitepaper describes the company as “a think tank and research center which investigates implications of the blockchain technology for companies and their business models” while also providing research and training for students and executives.

The company appears to be focused on blockchain startups in Russia and CIS countries. Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) is mentioned on the official website.

How Does Intellium Work?

Intellium aims to work as a combination of real world investments and blockchain technology. Together, this combination aims to transform capital markets. There are three core functions involved with this goal:

Priority Funding And Research Acceleration:

Intellium provides access to early-stage investments that catalyze blockchain innovations into thriving businesses. These investments are built to bridge the gap between traditional R&D funding and private investment.

Education Support:

Intellium provides assistance to startup businesses applying to the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) programs for research and development funding. BMSTU is a public technical university in Moscow, Russia.

Startup Support:

Intellium aims to offer a suite of other resources and benefits to startups, including research expertise and management consulting, to help startups succeed.

Intellium also aims to educate executives and students, including a focus on the societal and economic implications of blockchain technology.

Overall, the Intellium accelerator program also aims to focus on banking, mobility, energy, and other industry sectors.

The company’s INTL tokens were issued on the Waves platform.

The Intellium Token

The Intellium token (INTL) is a proof of membership token with a total supply of 20 million tokens. 14 million tokens were sold during a pre-sale and ICO, with the remaining 6 million tokens going to the team, founders, and advisors.

The tokens were priced at $1 USD per token. Intellium accepted ETH, BTC, and LTC during the token sale.

Why would you buy INTL tokens? 10% of profits generated by the Intellium platform will be distributed to contributors via a token buyback program. These tokens will be burned to reduce the overall INTL token supply, which is expected to increase the value of remaining tokens. A buyback program will be executed every 12 months.

20% of profits will be distributed annually through a dividend distribution program via a smart contract. All INTL token holders will be eligible to be part of that distribution.

Who’s Behind Intellium?

Intellium’s official website doesn’t mention any specific titles among its six team members, nor does the whitepaper. The full list of individuals involved in the project includes Shing Cheng, Srinivas Babu Arumalla, Kevin Phan, Ken Leong Tan, Chenchu Reddy, and Alvin Vong.

Meanwhile, press releases announcing the company listed Igor Borodin as co-founder. Borodin isn’t listed under the development team section on the official website.

Intellium Conclusion

Intellium aims to bridge the gap between ordinary investors and venture capital opportunities using blockchain technology. It’s described as “a hybrid between old and new forms of investing” as well as “the future of venture capital,” in early press releases.

Basically, it’s a platform built on the Waves blockchain designed to help blockchain companies attract funding. The company is specifically seeking companies that are developing revolutionary blockchain technology in banking, transportation, industry, and other industrial sectors.

The ICO for Intellium took place throughout July and August, during which the company sold INTL tokens on the Waves platform. To learn more about Intellium, visit online today at

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  1. This is just a scam. They change their information regularly, the jargon it spews on its website is all fluff and no substance. They are unresponsive to questions, they keep stringing its investors along – which I hope there are only few other idiots like myself. Its total garbage, and hopefully this comment prevents anyone else from sending them or their “startups” and ETH, BTC or LTC.


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