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If you are looking for the newest start-ups to invest in them and generate profit for both you and them, you should know that it can be pretty hard to find the right investment. Many times a company seems perfect, but some years down the line you perceive it was a mistake to invest in it.

Because of this, you have to be always vigilant and smart when you invest in any type of company, independently if they are blockchain start-ups or not. To help you, our blog reviews cryptocurrencies, new start-ups and ICOs to tell you if it is a good idea to invest. Today we are going to review Intense Coin.

What is Intense Coin?

Intense Coin is a currency for people that want anonymity on the internet. It is the cryptocurrency used in a decentralized VPN service backed by blockchain. What does this mean, though? It means that Intense Coin is a cryptocurrency that you can use to pay for a VPN that is secured via blockchain technology.

Also, users will be able to use this completely anonymous currency to pay to VPN providers for services. The company states that they want to change the landscape of cryptocurrency and make it available to normal people, not only hardcore users or investors.

How Does Intense Coin Work?

Intense Coin wants to unite a peer-to-peer blockchain-based VPN with an anonymous coin. This way, nobody can trace the users of Intense Coin, as there’s not even a way to follow the money.

This company offers a range of services that include from untraceable payments, double spending proof, transactions that are unlikable to the user and resistance to blockchain analysis, all to help their users have the safest navigation on the internet.

To use the services of this company, you buy ITNS tokens and then you will be able to access their services in different packages, paying when you use the service.

How to Invest in Intense Coin?

To invest in Intense Coin, you have to buy their ITNS tokens. There’s no ICO at the moment, since Intense Coin has already been on the market for three months at the time of this report. The only way to use the service is by downloading their wallet and then buying their cryptocurrency.

At the time of this report, you could buy 1 ITNS token for 0.00000032 BTC, so they are pretty cheap if you want to buy some.

The Intense Coin Verdict

The service is recommended for users that want complete anonymity when using the internet. The company is already running its business for three months without problems, so they look like a solid company.

If you want to buy their services, be sure that no free VPN is a better choice, as there are some in the market if you do not want to spend your money, but if you do, know that there is nothing that should stop you from using Intense Coin if you want this type of service.

Unfortunately, there’s not much space for investing since there’s no ICO and this kind of service will hardly get very popular, so you probably will not be able to trade this currency at a higher price.

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