International Digital Asset Platform

The, which is a shorter name for the International Digital Asset Platform, has been planning to transform the cryptocurrency market with its new projects and ideas. IDAP will be a full featured exchange that will allow its investors to diversify their portfolios by trading tokens.

What Is International Digital Asset Platform?

This platform is a derivatives instrument that lets you access assets of the market by clicking. It has many tools that you will help you to find the best investments that you can make in the market and discover why you should make them.

You will be able to access crypto pairs, swaps, ICO venture funds and even P2P lending via this new platform. intends to be a full platform that will even offer securities for its users. Other features include an advanced OMS and SOR and FIX protocols.

The company has cold wallets to protect your investments and the ICO contributors will not even need to pay fees to make exchanges. The interface of the company is fully user friendly and has 24×7 support and tutorials that can help the new users to know more about how it works.’s desktop app will be a customizable app that will be designed to show advanced analytics options for the traders so they can be aware of the best investments at a certain moment.

International Digital Asset Platform Crypto Derivatives Features

The company has many trading instruments that will be great tools for people who want easy access to the best assets in the financial market today. “Spot” is a trading instrument that will help the investors to find new products that they can buy and trade.

Futures & Options trading is another option that shows how the market is trending at a certain moment and can definitely be a big helping hand for the people who want to trade major cryptos in the market and need to know when will be the perfect time for doing that.

Other important instrument will be the perpetual swaps, that enable you to trade them for major cryptos, equity indexes, FX, stocks and commodities with a leverage that can go up to 50 times.

Other types of investments that you can make while using this platform are P2P lendings, ICO venture funds and ETFs. The ETFs offer lower risks and are a diversified vehicle for profit while P2P lending can enable you to borrow a quantity and pay low fees or to get a good interest rate for lending your money to the people who are willing to pay for it.

The ICO venture fund can be very useful for you because early backers of projects are always the type of people that will profit the most. By enabling its users to create funds to invest together, the company lets its users profit from early investments of profitable companies without even having to spend a lot of money in these investments.

Finally, one of the main features of the company is the ICO incubation. The company gets the resources that companies need the most while they are incubating their ICOs and creating the right strategy to take the market by having the help of the company.

International Digital Asset Platform IDAP Token ICO Details

The IDAP tokens will be ERC20 tokens that will be used as utility tokens on the platform. The tokens will give reduced trading fees for its owners. The token price will be $0.03 USD per token and they will have a fixed supply 1,000,000,000 IDAP tokens. The soft cap of the sales will be 200,000,000 USD and the hard cap will be 750,000,000 USD.

40% of the funds will be used on the product development, 22% in marketing, 18% in operations, 10% will be stored as reserves and 6% in legal, 4$ in license.

Who Is Behind International Digital Asset Platform?

The team is composed by people from prestigious universities such as the Oxford University and the London School of Economics, Stockholm School of Economics, Indian Institute of Technology and Stanford University.

The four co-founders of the company are Awanish Rajan (CEO), Atish Katyal (CFO), Murali Thakur (CTO), Anupam Agarwal (COO). Other key members are Mukund Thakur (tech lead), Ritika Chaturvedi (operation manager), Himanshu Tiwari (blockchain analyst).

Advisors are Amit Bansal (financial advisor), Andrew Friedman (blockchain advisor), Avinash Bhatia (technology advisor), David McKenzie (blockchain advisor), Jacob Lindroff (marketing advisor).

International Digital Asset Platform Conclusion

There is no doubt that this company is a good platform. It has experts from many different areas that hail from prestigious universities and they seem able to deliver what the company is promising. Also, the platform is very varied and has interesting options for investors who want to diversify their portfolios.

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