Internet Node Token

As many of us already know, Blockchain technology has revolutionized the financial sector in a big way. However, many experts predict that the best use of this technology is within the domain of IoT (Internet of Things). However, at present there are many issues within this sector, some of whom include:

Lack Of Defined Standards:

While there is a lot of diversity within IoT, there still exist a lot of issues related to cross vendor access and liquidation within this domain.

Poor Efficiency:

The current IoT ecosystem that is used throughout the globe is centralized, and thus there are many performance based issues that still exist within this area.

Cost Barriers:

Centralized servers are expensive to maintain, therefore with the use of blockchain within IoT, the overall upkeep costs of such a service can be severely reduced.

What Is Internet Node Token?

INT or the Internet Node Token is a “crypto scheme” that has been designed to allow for ‘data and resources to flow freely within a specially devised decentralized network’. One of the key uses of this service is its ability to deliver a high level of user privacy even when operating within “untrusted and decentralized machine federations”.

Internet Node Token Core Internet Of Things Blockchain Aspects

Unique Design:

This platform has been designed via the use of the Apache Mynewt protocol. It allows or reduced development complexity, as well as for the seamless integration of hardware devices onto the platform.

Economic Independence:

INT can be thought of as a blockchain application platform and interactive standard that makes use of a “driving economic model” which is IoT oriented.


Through the use of a “parallel chain structure”, this platform is able to form an evenly distributed network for various participating devices. Not only that, Internet Node Token also employs the use of a consensus algorithm that has been adopted to guarantee the “legal trustworthiness of all transactions” taking place within the network.

IoT Adoption:

As per the official company whitepaper, the development of INT can greatly reduce the difficulties that currently exist in the adoption of a global IoT blockchain. This is primarily done via the use of:

  • Form edge computing networks
  • Effective circulation of resources.

Other Key Things To Bear In Mind


Internet Node Token has been designed to act as a “scalable heterogeneous chain”, that provides users with a relay chain platform upon which a large number of data structures can be built.

Future Ready:

In addition to its scalability, INT also has the ability to foster ‘inter chain trust’ that can turn the IoT blockchain into a globally adoptable infrastructure quite similar to that of TCP/IP.

Who Is Behind Internet Node Token?

Freddy Yin is the company’s Co-founder. As per our research, he is one of the earliest proponents of IoT, and began his research into this domain all the way back in 2002. Over the years, Freddy has been involved with various blockchain startups, and is also one of the people behind the development of the Apache Mynewt code. Similarly, Ruofei Xiang is the Chief Architect of INT. In terms of his educational background, Dr.Xiang is a graduate from Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is also one of the driving forces behind the 5G Wireless Communication protocol that is currently being tested across the globe. Lastly, Guanghui Chen serves as the CTO of Internet Node Token. He has graduated from Fudan University, and has previously worked at HUAWEI for the development of a Railway Signal Processing system.

How Do I Get Onboard With Internet Node Token?

The tokens are already up for trade, and can be bought from online exchanges such as Okex, CoinEgg, AllCoin, Cool Coin. For any other details in regards to INT, users can get in touch with company representatives via Telegram, Slack, Reddit, Facebook etc.

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