What Is Internet Of Coins?

The platform is part of the CoinStorm campaign and started it’s crowdsale ICO on March 21st back in 2017. The system composed of an organized in direct association with DC – The OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate. And the platform is said to be the first of its kind in the world, being powered by the conglomerate collection that facilitates various projects, startups, investments and tech developments associated with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The project is also used to better cross promote other projects.

How Internet Of Coins Decentralized Cryptocurrency Wallet Works

The company has been on a mission to be a part of the freedom revolution often associated with the blockchain technology and software. They have the goal of being a platform where people can buy, sell, trade and basically use any and all of their own cryptocurrencies on one easy to use platform.

The platform functions like a multi-blockchain wallet, that gives the users the option to store and trade cryptocurrencies, user smart contracts, and other related services without having to worry about a regular exchange that is operated on a centralized network.

It also was started at the perfect time, when centralized exchanges saw cryptocurrency and the ecosystem built around it as a dangerous world, susceptible to cyber-attacks by hackers and tech terrorists. They always assumed that the centralized platforms where much safer than that of the crypto ones when the opposite was actually true and not the other way around.

Internet of Coins is still a completely decentralized exchange model that gives the users the ability to manage their virtual crypto-assets with anyone, regardless of where they are or when the transaction needs to take place. Not only that, but the system allows for the user to be able to do so without the need of a third party that is set to mediate the transaction.

The platform is extremely easy to use and understand. And makes it simple for people in the community and those out of it to communicate and exchange currencies in no time at all. They don’t need to have a bunch of advanced technical knowledge. They can operate with the platform and on top of that, the system is decentralized once again, running on blockchain technology – so you know it’s extremely secure, nearly impossible for anyone to hack or commit fraud on.

It’s the one wallet for all your digital assets where you can control them, manage them and trade them. All in one place without the need of help or having to pay a hefty monthly fee or expensive ones for transactions.

Internet Of Coins Conclusion

The Internet of coins is run by a team that has factored in nearly every cryptocurrency on the market you can imagine and can be easily integrated into other platforms with ease. Also, the way it’s written, makes it easy for the program to adopt new cryptocurrencies in no time at all. The already existing blockchains that are used on the platform as well as value systems can be connected to other platforms without having to make any changes to either original as well. All of the factors mentioned in this article make Internet of Coins one best platforms of its kind available for use.

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