A Detailed Review Of The Internet Of Equals Project (Io∑)

The underlying principle of blockchain technology is to decentralize economic power and give it to the masses. The wealth divide that exists amongst people also exists in the business world. In the UK, large companies make about $120 million online annually. Small companies make about $4,000. Besides that, about 92% of small companies do not have an online presence.

The developers of this project are hoping that they can change this inequality. Their aim is to ensure that each small business has a tangible online presence. In the process, they hope to help them recoup some of the $14 trillion in lost trade opportunities annually.

What Is Internet of Equals?

The internet was a major technological breakthrough, which helped to further the development of mankind on many levels. However, recent research shows that only 1.9% of small and medium-sized business have an online presence in the developing world. In the developed world, it is only about 10% of these businesses with an online presence.

Thus, it is quite clear that though the internet has facilitated the sharing of data and collaboration on various levels, its current design does not support SMEs. The result is that these businesses have remained largely ignored and are unable to profit from the online economy.

The Market Numbers

There are about 100 million micro small and medium-size businesses in the northern hemisphere. In the emerging markets, there are about 450 million of them, according to data from the World Bank. At this rate, these businesses do not appear to have a chance to be part of the digital economy in the coming decade.

The Solution

Altering the current situation may seem near impossible. However, there are numerous projects all around the world trying to challenge the current situation. The developers of IoE identify with these brave men and women.

The mission of this project is to change the status quo by making the internet transparent, fair, and inclusive for everyone. To achieve this goal, the project will rely on the Blockchain-AI-DHT technology. The technology will be used to designs an inclusive ecosystem that will lead to collaboration, economic growth, and lead to the protection of all participants.

Internet of Equals ICO ICO Details

To fund this project, the developers of this project will launch an ICO in May of 2018. Each token will sell at $0.1.


  • 50% of funds will go to the public ICO
  • 15% of funds are earmarked for the team
  • 5% of tokens are for advisors
  • 30% of tokens will be retained in reserve

The Σqualite token is an ERC20 standard token. That means it is compatible with any Ethereum wallet. It can also be traded on an exchange that supports ERC20 tokens.

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