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The cryptocurrency market is always evolving into a bigger and more complex market. If you want to be aware of all these changes, you have to find excellent sources of information to help you out. Being informed is vital if you are an investor because you will know better how to invest in the best companies and the profits that this might bring to you.

Fortunately, our blog can be an excellent source of information for you when you need it the most. We review a big number of companies that might be very interesting for our readers every day. Today we are going to review a new company which has appeared on our market called the Internet of People.

What Is The Internet Of People?

The Internet of People is a fully decentralized infrastructure which was created to be used for apps and online payments. One of the greatest differences from the Internet of People and the normal platforms for these types of things is that is completely not server based, using a decentralized system instead, which is based on decentralized individual nodes.

The biggest advantage of these nodes is that they do not need a server, they could be run instead in a simple device like a home computer, a Raspberry Pi or even a smartphone. This revolutionized the way that that the infrastructure for apps and payments works.

The owners of the IOP tokens, the currency used to pay for the services of this company, will also have the chance to be granted a share of the profits of the company equal to the quantity of tokens that they hold at the moment of the distribution of dividends.

How Does Internet Of People Cryptocurrency App Work?

The Internet of People utilizes what is described by the company as a groundbreaking P2P technology. Basically, the company combines what already exists in the blockchain market with protocol server nodes which have been independently developed by the company. This allows the network to never go down because there will always be some nodes active in the world at a certain time.

It will be considerably easy for you to set up a full node in your home and you can be able to host a part of the Internet of People. The project is completely open source and the company also describes it as “open minded”, meaning that any person is welcome to give its opinion in the forums of the Internet of People and contribute to the future of this network.

The community of the Internet of People is very engaged and you can find it on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit and Discord.

How To Invest In Internet Of People IoP ICO?

To invest in this company, you will have to acquire its IOP tokens in a cryptocurrency exchange. At the moment, you will be able to buy IOP tokens in the following exchanges: Bittrex, C-CEX, UPbit, Coinswitch, BTCPOP, Barterdex and Bisq.

Unfortunately, there is no Initial Coin Offering (ICO) planned at the moment, so you will have to wait for our updates if you want to know more information about this company and the potential that it might have an ICO in the future.

The IOP tokens are based on the latest Bitcoin core ( and users will retain full control of their data by using them. To use this cryptocurrency, you will have to download the wallet. It is available at the moment for Windows, Mac OS and Linux but not for smartphone devices.

The Internet Of People Conclusion

Is the Internet of People a good investment for you? Maybe. It can certainly be interesting for you, but it clearly does not show the potential for huge profits. The Internet of People is not about getting your return on investment in the form of money but in the form of control. If you use this cryptocurrency, you will have a lot more of control.

This happens because this is a really decentralized platform and you will have more power over your own data and information, for instance, but it is not a company that wants to be very profitable, so this can be a more interesting investment for you if you want to use this company’s services instead of only profiting from it.

If you liked the Internet of People, feel free to invest in this company right now. It is far from being a bad investment and there is plenty of profit to be made from this company if you use it well. Because of this, do not feel afraid to invest in this company. You can certainly get a good result from this investment with time, especially if you invested in the company intending to use it in the future.

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