What Is InterValue?

InterValue is a new startup company in the blockchain market that intends to connect, transfer and exchange digital assets and tokens. According to the company, InterValue will be the first “blockchain 4.0” project and will bring the next generation of global value internet.

Also, it will be an ecological cryptocurrency company because its infrastructure will spend less energy than high energy consuming cryptos like Bitcoin.

This will be the first practical blockchain 4.0 company that will have structure to support massive applications all over the world. It will be a cornerstone to build applications that will lead the internet forward.

By being efficient and secure, this company plans to upgrade the standards of what is expected of a blockchain and bring new value to the clients so they can perceive the difference of using and old blockchain platform and a really new generation one.

InterValue Blockchain Asset Transfer & Exchange Platform Features

To really be able to usher a new era of blockchains, InterValue will have many interesting features that will help this company to stand out among the crowd.

One of these features will be a brand new hashnet structure which will be designed using DAG. What does this mean? It means that the hashnet structure will have better storage utilization, be able to do more transactions per second and have more security.

By using a double layer consensus mechanism, this new platform will have lower latency than other platforms and a higher speed. Also, the platform will be fully anti-quantum attacks by combining the NTRUsign signature technology with Keccak-512 hash algorithms. This will reduce even the meanest of the threats.

Another really important feature of this company is that it will feature multi-chain fusion and cross chain communication. Today, communication with other blockchains is a must and this company will not only be able to do this but also to provide transparent operations across the chains and store 100% of the information on its own blockchain.

InterValue will be able to use smart contracts, as any “new generation” blockchain should, and even to upgrade contracts made on the platform so their security can be enhanced and issues secured in a more significant manner.

The company is also concerned about the interface of the blockchain, as it wants to provide something that can be used for people and that feels familiar to them whenever they need to make payments, look for data or use smart contracts.

The blockchain will use peer to peer anonymity systems which will be like the one used in the Tor browser. By using zero knowledge proof and ring signature, this company will provide a cost-effective mix of privacy and safety for the users so they do not need to bother about how secure they will be while trading using InterValue’s platform.

Finally, the company also intends to provide an ecological incentive mechanism so that mining will be fair and will not use a lot of electricity because the company acknowledges that mining can be harmful to the environment today.

How Can You Use InterValue?

A blockchain that cannot be used for useful things is a useless one, so the company has already laid out many of the uses that people could use its blockchain for and they are very diverse.

Some of the most obvious uses are related to the financial market, obviously. They include payments, transactions, credit, etc. but that is not all. You will also be able to use InterValue for medical and entertainment purposes like copyrighting of content and privacy protection of health data.

Other uses include IP copyright protection, fundraisers for many uses, social and messaging systems, internet of things, sharing economy, education and administration. According to the company, the possibilities are endless.

InterValue Road Map

The company has already laid out the most basic part of its network until now (including DAG mining, P2P communication and basic smart contracts) and is currently working in protecting the network against quantum attacks, which will be ready until the third quarter of 2018.

For the end of the year, the expectative of InterValue is to enhance privacy, protection and advance the smart contracts. The final updates are scheduled for the first half of 2019 when the software development kits will be updated to their final planned level (but support will probably continue).

InterValue Team And Partners

The main people working in InterValue are Barton Chao (CEO), Leo Cheung (CTO), Storm Zhang (engineer and programmer), Scott Guo (COO), Isda Chen (investor relations leader), Eileen Xie (overseas operation manager), Joey Zhong (chief architect) and Ethan Zhou (CMO).

The consultants are Allen Wu, Zhiqi Han, Weiye Hu, Lizhi Ran, Zunmi Zhou, Jun Sun, Hui Wang, Wenli Su, Bill Dai, Leo Li and Yugui Wang. The strategic partners of the company are Rootscap, Benrui Capital, Whales Capital, Crypto Laboratory and Obsidian Capital.

InterValue INVE Token ICO Details

The company will sell INVE tokens to launch the platform. There will be a total of 10 billion INVE tokens. 60% will be mineable, 26% will stay with the foundation, 2% will be used for promotion (bounties and airdrops), 3% will go as payment for the technical team and 9% will be sold in the upcoming private sale.

Unfortunately, this company will only sell tokens privately, so you have to contact them if you want to buy INVE tokens.

InterValue Verdict

Undoubtedly, InterValue has a great potential. While you cannot buy the tokens of this company unless you are allowed in the private sale, you might hear a lot about this company in the future if its plans are half as successful as the company intends to be because this is a very ambitious company.

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