What is the INTRO (ITR Token)?

There is a new platform currently in ICO and they are running on Kickkico. And, you can get more tokens by investing into INTRO right now, with a definite 10% off and potential 30% off the original ICO price. The platform is being developed for intelligent business services used to benefit any of the participants of construction markets happening in residential areas.

How Does the ITR Token Work?

As of now the platform will benefit businesses, and there is a video as well you can watch to help you better understand how the platform for business operates. Not only that, but there is subscription box at the top of the platform home page where you can sign up to start receiving the company newsletters.

The platform is available in both Russian and English. And designed to help users with an eco-system of internet products and services for individuals in the residential construction market. This includes, buyers, players, investors, real estate agents and developers. INTRO is designed to bring new opportunities to anyone who fits the bill.

And you use the platform to buy directly from the builder at auction. Not only that, but there are potential discounts as high as 30%.

The platform is full of other useful items as well, you can access authentic, original reports on construction and off-plan investments designed to be recorded on the blockchain.

Also, when players and developers invest into actual properties, the reliable parties do so through the use of a smart contract. That means there are no intermediaries needed for any reason on the platform and your commissions paid by buyers and sellers are kept to a minimum.

To truly benefit from the platform, the best thing an investor or other buyer/seller can do is join the investor club to receive amazing bonuses from the partner network.

What is the ICO on INTRO (ITR Token)?

Pre-ICO ends in 20 days






10 000 000 ITR

Pre-ICO price (ITR/USD)

$ 0.28

Pre-ICO discount


Who is Behind INTRO ITR?

The people behind the platform are the people who are in real estate and looking to purchase property for the purpose of long-term investments without having to worry about the volatility often associated with the market. It causes high-risks for anyone who would invest in under construction properties.

In a lot of people in other countries, like people who have purchase homes are forced to use the standard buying method because there simply isn’t anything else to use on the market. And when off plan properties are dropped in price to become more affordable, the prices on property goes up in other countries – making it hard for anyone from foreign lands to sell their property and move out of country to where the prices are cheaper.

There are now global investors and homebuyers who are continuing to take massive risks because of off-plan properties in development, and this can lead to incompletely built houses and a loss of capital.

INTRO (ITR Token) in Conclusion

INTRO is a platform designed for real estate agents, and they are attempting to use the system to make property cheaper, easier to sell, and more lucrative for all involved parties. To learn more about INTRO, head to introa.io/en – here you can download whitepaper reports, and get all the needed metrics, analytics, stats and numbers about the system that you will likely require if you’re a real estate broker or investor.

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