What Is Intro?

This is a brand-new token that is designed to help with business intelligence services for those people participants of the residential construction market. INTRO is an eco-system that is built around online goods and services. It’s primary objective to provide different services to the residential construction market players – investors, real estate agents, developers and homebuyers will also benefit from the system.

How Does Intro Construction Business Blockchain Services Work?

The INTRO Platform offers users the following opportunities:

  • The ability to access officially registered reports with accurate data on construction and off-plan investments that are being stored on the blockchain.
  • Also, the option to invest in the properties of different developers who are considered reliable and with the use of smart contracts. There will be minimum commissions with no intermediaries.
  • Another option will be to join the investor club, so you can get bonuses from their partner networks.

Apparently, the purchasing of real-estate is one of the most popular long-term investments used on the market. But with the volatility of the property market, there are high risks for anyone who will invest into properties under construction.

A lot of countries offer no alternatives for homebuyers other than them purchasing them off-plan. These properties are more affordable than standard ready-made properties or second-hand ones. And, there is still a housing shortage in many places like India and Dubai that cause homebuyers to go to the off-plan construction industry.

Apparently, worldwide investors and homebuyers will still be able to take risks with off-plan construction properties that could end up as incomplete homes and losing money. It’s an all too common situation that is happening in Russia and the main Brics countries where the INTRO platform was initiated and developed.

There are four main parts to the INTRO Platform:

  • Intro Analytica – A business intelligence platform that is designed for helping monitor and manage different off-plan developments.
  • Intro Sale – A new online auction place that is private with up to a 30% discount for off-plan properties.
  • Intro Restate – A new online store where properties are sold at developer prices.
  • Intro Coinvest – A social community that is designed for individuals purchasing properties.

Who Is Behind Intro?

There is a massive team headed by Kirill Badikov who is the founder of the company. And he is backed by nine other specialists from various platforms. Not only that, but there are several consultants who are looking to increase the speed and effectiveness at which the platform officially launches.

Intro ITR Token ICO Details

The pre-ICO starts on the 15th of March 2018. The name of the Token will be the INTRO Token with the ITR symbol to be used on the exchanges. There is a supply of eighty million ITR for the market and it’s said to start at a price of $0.4 USD per Token. The Pre-ICO sale offers a bonus of 30% and you can order tokens right now at the company website, introa.io/en.

Intro Conclusion

The team on the project looks legit. They seam to have things in order and are very focused on the solutions they provide, rather than the ICO. I would say this is a good company to watch and eventually invest into when you feel the time is right. At the very least, Intro definitely looks a lot better than most the other startups on the market.

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