Invesmtent Platform Of Nigeria Review

This Nigerian platform for investment has come together on the internet as a resource which allows investors to get involved with projects that are happening nationally in Nigeria and that have a potentially promising outlook in terms of return on capital investment.

The projects that have been listed on the platform range widely from a variety of costs. For the most part, the startups on the platform all have original and diverse ideas which could lead to positive change in the country and the world of they are implemented correctly and efficiently.

The main goal of the platform is to be able to guide the projects and monitor them during all phasing of gaining investment, from start to finish.

They also want to ensure that the investors themselves play an active role in this process. This means that the odds are being stacked in the favour of the company being a success if they are receiving comprehensive guidance from people and organisations that have been there and done that.

It is a platform that aims to make the investment process convenient and straightforward. You do not have to be professionally accredited as an investor to take part in these project financing.

Anybody can contribute investment to a project in which they feel could be profitable or worthwhile. There are low entry thresholds meaning that even people with lower income levels are able to get involved and gain help with the financing of certain businesses.

What is the Blockchain Aspect to the Invesmtent Platform Of Nigeria Platform?

Whenever somebody provides investment to a given project, they will receive a CARAT token in return. This token can be used to purchase power in the financial system of this currency, as well as being an indication of the shareholder’s equity that this person has in the enterprise.

The Invesmtent Platform Of Nigeria tokens are open to grow in value over time as the number of investments on the platform grows and more and more projects turn into successes. If the turnover of investments grows, it is very likely that the token value will also grow. These tokens are able to be sold on a crypto exchange at any time by the investor.

It was only up until recently that investment projects of this size were reserved for large institutions and governments. Now these doors have been opened up to anybody who wishes to get involved.

There has been no concrete date set as of yet for the holding of their initial coin offering (ICO) for the CARAT token. There is set to be 57 million CARAT tokens issued in total, with 10 million of them being available via the crowd sale. The intimal token price is to be set at 1 CARAT token equalling $300 and the minimum investment allowed is $30.

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