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The opportunities that blockchain technology has to offer has not gone unnoticed. The many firms that have embraced blockchain technology in their operations can prove this. Additionally, government bodies are considering exploring the opportunity at a larger scale.

Venture capitalists and the tech-savvy traders have already discovered the cryptocurrency market and can maneuver it. However, although many new investors have taken the first step to enter the market due to the increased media hype and prospects of making incredible returns on their investment, most of them are inexperienced and are in desperate need of investment advice. On the other hand, there are experienced cryptocurrency traders who are willing to offer investment advice and services in exchange for additional investment funds.

Invest is a blockchain based platform that aims to provide trustless copy-trading through API services that are designed for both beginners and experienced cryptocurrency traders. The platform is a trusted copy-trading platform that allows all to trade in cryptocurrencies. The platform also ensures that traders save their money and time.

The platforms interface is easy to use and has an extensive social system that users can use to follow the most experienced and best traders and copy their trades with no worry. The platform will also allow you to keep full control of your private identity and your money.

How Invest In Brokers Investment Trading Token Works

The experienced traders on the platform can share their performance with other traders. Users can select the traders they want to subscribe to. An API will link the account of the trader to the user’s account. This allows any move the trader makes to be copied automatically and directly to the user’s account or an exchange of their liking.

The goal of the platform is to bring the beginner and the experienced traders in a win-win situation. The platform allows each user to maximize their opportunity to maximize their profits. The beginner trader does this by enjoying the success and skills of the experienced trader. The experienced trader offers paid services to a large audience. This platform will be available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Invest In Brokers Advantages

Most investment platforms that offer copy trading have very high fees making it impossible for most investors to use them. However, the Invest platform is different as there are no fees charged for the user to use the platform. Additionally, other copy trading platforms require users to deposit money in their wallets. This is risky for the user’s funds and users cannot control their funds. The platform has a connection with exchanges thanks to API, and thus there is no use for users to send their funds on the platform.

The Invest platform is trustless and does not require users to keep their funds with exchanges. This allows traders who choose the platform to be in full control of their funds.

Invest In Brokers INV ICO Details

The INV token will be used for staking and as the main payment unit on the platform, and thus it will be an internal currency. The token is an ERC20 token that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The company plans to have an ICO in the third quarter of 2018.

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