Investa is a new ICO that is distributing INV tokens through the typical coin sale, and they are currently preparing for a pre-sale operation for their coins. INV an also be bought with a multitude of different currencies. And as of now, the tokens will be exclusively available to whitelist members, and there will be a wide range of flash sales as well as other special announcements that can be listened to during the early registration.

What Is Investa?

The company was founded in Silicon Valley, deep in one of the wealthiest parts of California. This is where some of the biggest tech companies operate out of and is now the home of Investa. The company is a specialized blend of cryptocurrency tech, blockchain, fintech, banking, and more – all wrapped up into one platform, designed specifically for the purpose of running a consumer system designed to give financial freedom on a mobile level.

The platform is a complete mobile crypto-banking platform that fits in the palm of your hands. And it contains a wide range of different beneficial options for you. There is the ETF Crypto Basket, the Crypto Managed Portfolio Services, or CMPS.

Other available services are for the purpose of remittance, ITM – ATM Networks. And there is also a specialized Enterprise Lending Platform as well. Not only that, but Investa also includes their own exchange on the platform that you can use for trading tokens and converting them as well.

Another of the very important to mention features is the Investa Gold Card and the Launch Pad. And everything on the platform is designed to help you make money and manage it. Specifically crypto-money and all the different assets related to it.

What Is The ICO On Investa?

The new ICO is currently preparing to start its presale, which starts in 23 days. You can easily get on the whitelist to stay up to date for when the ICO actually starts. And there is a video on the website you can watch as well to get more information on what is happening with the platform. Along with that, there are several different social media accounts you can follow the company on, like Instagram and Telegram, Twitter and Facebook. And right now, if you join the whitelist and get in on the presale, then you can also benefit from a massive discount on the tokens.

The token launch and release have several different stages. There are multiple stages in the Pre-Sale, the ICO and the actual Launch. And the closer it gets to the date of the launch, the more expensive each of the tokens becomes. The final date ending the completion of the launch is August 15th of 2018.

Who Is Behind Investa?

There are multiple partners associated with the company, and they are all available for you to check out on the company website. Just head over, and there is a full list not far down the page, that will give you a list of the different partners working with Investa.

Investa In Conclusion

The company is essentially a non-rent blockchain operated platform that helps manages cryptocurrency, complete with an Ethereum based assets program. The platform includes an exchange and place where developers can use the INV Token to build new applications on top of the blockchain. The platform is completely decentralized and is ideal for trading and managing Ethereum-Based Tokens. You can sign up and register for the platform at

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