Investincrypto is a simple weekly digest that is designed with newbies to the world of crypto in mind. As a newbie, one of the major issues that you will face is information overload. Unlike the world of traditional finance, there is no major new source in the world of crypto. You have to depend on bits and pieces of data scattered all over the internet.

Why Matters

One of the dangers of information overload in the world of crypto is scams. Since crypto has grown so much in recent months, many scam artists have been attracted to it. A common tactic they use is pump and dump.

This is where they will entice you to take part in a coin as they promise that the coin’s value is rising. When you purchase the coin, it will usually be at its height. Unfortunately, the value will later drop to almost zero. If you are not careful, you might end up losing a lot of money.

That is why you need a weekly digest designed with you, a newbie in mind. They will break down the facts in the simplest manner without using some of the complex terms common to the world of crypto.

This digest does not just give you articles as a newbie. They will also hold podcasts that will be released on a regular basis. All past podcasts will be saved on the site. This way, if you have an issue that you think could be best explained via audio, you could visit the podcast and listen. Conclusion

In the world of crypto, having news at the right time is quite important. That is why this news digest will release news every week, designed for newbies. They also offer courses for the newbies. If you want to read the courses, you can visit the site and peruse through them. This will help you as a newbie grow your knowledge understand how crypto works. If you internalize the data posted in the courses, it could help you become quite rich in this growing world of crypto.

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