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The fantastic tool was designed by the user   and although it has a fairly simple design you can get many benefits. We will explain how.

What Is Investor Data?

Investor Data is a web page created by a fan of cryptocurrencies. Has a very clear functionality, track and calculate the mentions of certain cryptocurrencies in the last 5/30 minutes, 1/6 hours, 1/3 days or 1 week. The table is updated every 5 minutes with the data of all the comments and mentions in that time frame. Can be used to discover what cryptocurrency is being talked about the most and, therefore, which may be having high volatility at the moment.

Currently he is dedicated on tracking the following subreddits:

  • /r/Cryptocurrency
  • /r/CryptoMarkets
  • /r/BitcoinMarkets

The tool is available to anyone on the Internet and is funded by donations. Currently it is able to track 27 cryptocurrencies.

The data is placed in a table, with a percentage and time used to indicate its popularity. The table is updated every 5 minutes and requires a refresh to be updated locally. Includes interactive graphics and a JSON-based API. The 20 main cryptocurrencies of the current cryptomarket are part of the list of 27.

The community is already making noise about a plan to implement a similar tool for Google Trends, Twitter and some other thoughtful networks, and the possibility of gathering all this data for a broader coverage of information.

At the time of writing this article the first positions were disputed: first, IOTA, in second place, Ethereum and in third place Tron.

It is important that you always consider statistically that short-term increases almost always indicate an exaggeration around a cryptocurrency, while long-term increases without similar numbers in the short term could indicate a solid interest.

You should also consider that the project is very recent and that you should be patient when using these first days. For example, currently it does not differentiate between forks that have similar names, for example, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Neither the website currently has a valid SSL certificate, which means that malicious people can falsify it for their own benefit. The creator has said to solve that as soon as possible.

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