Investor Sea Crypto Education

The boom of cryptocurrencies has created a cottage industry of scams around it. The scams range from exchanges that never give you back the money to investment Ponzi schemes, from bad actors who want to misuse your identity to spam emails. Frauds come in many different flavors.

As cryptocurrencies is a new and esoteric domain, many rackets have propped up who offer to provide education regarding crypto or blockchain. They offer distance learning courses, newsletters and much more. However, either their quality of information provided is substandard or they just take the user’s money without providing any service.

Providing education on crypto seems to be a way to be a successful way to trick people. First of all people looking to learn about crypto by default makes them beginners who can fall for their ploy. Additionally, it can be started with no elaborate schemes. Just a small website with some fake content should do the job.

Investor Sea is one such site that appears to be a scam.

What Is Investor Sea Crypto Education?

Investor Sea’s landing page says that they offer industry-leading platform for trading which is powered by the most advanced trading assets. The features they claim to provide are ultra-low spreads, no hidden fees or commissions, 25/5 professional support and, education and trading tools. They even profess that their customers can trade with confidence knowing that they abide the strict rules and regulation of the FCA. By providing the customers with everything they need to trade efficiently, they attest to being one of the most useful platforms in the business.

Offering many different projects, one of the major ones is their cryptocurrencies learning program.

Learn Successful Trading Skills With Investor Sea Red Flags


The main site claims that they are a trading platform, however, the cryptocurrency subdomain says that they are information aggregators. If they have gone through the process of developing a trading engine, the same could have been used for crypto trading.


Investor Sea claims to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. There is no information about any license. This project is totally anonymous, which of course means that it is not regulated.

Wrong Data:

The site has data on the website, such as the percentage increase in cryptocurrencies in the last year, that are factually wrong. No genuine site would put their reputation on the stake by offering wrong data.

No Testimonial:

There are no client or customer testimonial available on the site or anywhere on the web. Any information available elsewhere on the web doesn’t have good things to say about them.

No Product Description:

Absolutely no description is given about what they do and how they do it. There are vague details given about how bitcoin is better than fiat currencies or what prominent tech leaders had to say about cryptocurrencies. However, nothing precise about the product is available.

Fake Survey:

There is a fake survey on the site which takes details about the user and nothing comes out of it. It will mostly be used for spam in the future.

No Customer Care:

No contact information is available on the site. This is generally a red flag as all genuine platforms have to have customer care.

No Company Information:

Companies are predominantly proud of their journey and leverage their stories as a way to pull customers to their site. But Investor Sea doesn’t seem to publicly display the names of their team members or their story so far.

Investor Sea Crypto Education Conclusion

In almost all probability investor sea is a scam. There are many other options available online that offer good courses to learn about cryptocurrencies, many of which are free.

You can have a look at their site yourself on

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