investre network

Investre Network is a blockchain-based lending platform and a loan derivatives market that features collateral management and disintermeditated clearing. The platform provides users with the solutions to collateral based lending that are highly secure, efficient, and unique.

How It Works

Collateral-based crypto lending involves the lender and a borrower who are matched using a loan criteria that is based on the Loan term, Collateral/Loan pair requested by the lender, collateral ratio, Interest rate, and the available liquidation option. The lender transfers the tokens to the borrower who has to provide cryptocurrency collateral, which could be another type of cryptocurrency. The token offered as collateral is stored in the Collateral Management Contract (CMC), which is a multisignature wallet managed by smart contracts.

After the maturity of the loan, the lender returns the amount of tokens borrowed plus the agreed interest. Upon confirmation that the lender has paid up the entire loan, they will receive back the cryptocurrency they pledged as collateral. The lending process does not involve any intermediaries such as lending agents or primary brokers. This makes the process more open and direct.

Cross-token Clearing

Additionally, the Network supports cross-token clearing, which is a financial service, obtained from crypto loans that are used to settle crypto loans. This service seeks to suit the various need of crypto investors and market participation. It also enables the users to transact using their desired tokens. Users of the platform include borrowers, lenders, and investors who have to commit some tokens to the network. The tokens are then stored in the multisignature wallets that are managed using Loan Management Contract (LMC), which eliminates the need to the centralized clearinghouses.

Investre has a Loan Originating Network (LON) that connects lenders and borrowers in an anonymous and cost efficient way as it reduces the searching time and costs. A trust relationship is maintained through the smart contracts that guarantee the integrity of transactions.

More Services

The network also has a crypto ecosystem where crypto professionals offers the users with financial and investment services. The services include asset management that connects clients depending on preferences, their portfolios and return expectations. Users can also receive guidance on crypto currency trading whereby the professionals advise them on how to improve their portfolios in order to improve their returns on investment.

The platform’s utility token is the Investre Token (IVT), which enables users to access the network and its services. The token powers the Network and is the accepted method of payment. The token is exchangeable between the Network’s users.

Benefits Of The Platform

Decentralized And Disintermeditated

The platform eliminates traditional intermediaries or centralized agencies such as loan brokers or clearing houses in crypto transactions and management, which eventually substantially reduce costs.

Minimized Risks

Investre Network’s collateral management enables the borrowers to choose their preferred collateral management terms of the loans, which improve the capital efficiency. Furthermore, the collateral management services have multi layers that ensure safety and minimize counterparty and operational risks.


The platform utilizes a cross-chain collateral mechanism, which enables the existence of complex financial products in the cross-chain.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: IVT
  • Token protocol: ERC20
  • Token Supply: 2.5 Billion

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