Invia World

Invia World is a cryptocurrency mining company that lets you purchase mining packages online. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Invia World?

Invia World, found online at, is a mining platform that promises to “scan the entire cryptomining market for the most profitable coins”, then adjust equipment to specifically mine those coins.

The platform funnels all mined coins into the Invia World cryptowallet, then transfers the coins into Ethereum or Bitcoin for customers.

The company calls its mining system “actively managed cryptomining”.

Invia World Pricing

Invia World has six mining plans ranging from 100 EUR to 25,000 EUR. Here’s how each plan breaks down:

  • Entry Miner (100 EUR): 3 MH/s, 36 month contract, daily rollout
  • Starter Miner (600 EUR): 19 MH/s, 36 month contract, daily rollout
  • Basic Miner (3,500 EUR): 115 MH/s, 36 month contract, daily rollout
  • Pro Miner (7,000 EUR): 230 MH/s, 36 month contract, daily rollout
  • Pro Plus Miner (10,500 EUR): 345 MH/s, 36 month contract, daily rollout
  • Founder Miner (25,000 EUR): 920 MH/s, 36 month contract, daily rollout

The company claims that its 25,000 EUR “Founder Miner” packages have already sold out. You can buy packages using bank transfers or credit cards.

How Does Invia World Work?

Invia World claims that its hardware “Works efficiently with a special software.” That software analyzes the crypto markets continuously to identify the most profitable cryptocurrencies. Within minutes of identifying that cryptocurrency, the company adjusts the hardware to specifically meet the unique needs of that cryptocurrency and its difficulty.

The end result is a mining pool that continuously generates the best possible profits from the world of cryptocurrency mining.

Invia World Features

Invia World advertises all of the following features:


Invia World’s farms have high security firewalls, monitoring software, and 24 hour security.

Hardware Is Already Online:

When you buy a plan from Invia World, you don’t need to worry about installing your own equipment or maintaining that equipment. Invia World’s miners are already up, running, and online.

Not Locked To A Single Cryptocurrency:

Invia World’s hardware and software allows the company to switch to alternative cryptocurrencies to maximize computing power. Some of the listed currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, and Monero.

Live Mining View:

Invia World lets users see their mining profits in real-time, then withdraw profits to their bitcoin wallets daily.

Invia World Multilevel Marketing System

Invia World has a multilevel marketing system in place that rewards users for referring other people to the platform. The company’s pyramid scheme-style referral structure promises to pay you bonus payments of up to 1,000,000 EUR on team turnover of 10,000,000 EUR per month.

Information about this referral system can be found at the company’s “Careers” page. You can participate in the referral system even if you’ve invested at the lowest level of 100 EUR.

Who’s Behind Invia World?

Invia World is based in Austria. The company claims that its mining rigs “are stationed in the north of Europe”, with its ASIC miners “stationed in Asia”. They don’t provide any further information about the location of the hardware.

In terms of a management team, the company doesn’t provide any names associated with the project. The company describes itself as “a group of investors, technicians and people who have been dealing with digital currencies and cryptomining for years.” Aside from that, we don’t have any specific information about the entrepreneurs involved with the project.

Invia World Conclusion

Ultimately, Invia World is yet another cryptocurrency mining company that promises profitable mining in exchange for a small fee today. You buy into the company for as little as 100 EUR, then make money through ongoing mining operations. The company’s miners are purportedly located in northern Europe and Asia – although the company isn’t very specific transparent about its locations or management team.

To learn more about Invia World, visit the platform online today at

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