Invictus Capital is a company, which specializes in investing in cryptocurrencies. It offers a wide range of fund choices for investors that need access to diversified exposure to the crypto market. The first product they launched was CRPYTO20.

What Is Invictus Capital Titan?

Invictus Capital recently released the Titan AI Tool, which is designed to detect copied content and fraudulent whitepapers. This tool was released because of the rising problem of plagiarized whitepapers in the crypto world. The issue is doing some severe damage to the industry and Invictus has seen it fit to nip the issue in the bud.

How Invictus Capital Titan Invictus Capital Titan Work

The Titan AI Tool will utilize machine learning to analyze any whitepaper that is submitted for an ICO. It will then take time to check whether it is original, which will determine the legitimacy of the investment opportunity. As more people upload whitepapers to be analysed, it will expand Titan’s database and benefit the crypto community. Today, the database has about 1455 documents uploaded, taking up about 3.73 GB, which were sourced from various ICO lists and others contributed by the users.

Why Invictus Capital Titan Matters

According to the CEO of Invictus Capital, due diligence checks are vital for the survival of the crypto community. According to him, it was the responsibility of the community to stand together and lock out dubious projects from accessing funds from investors.

He added that Invictus Capital intended to empower users to help them make wise investment choices. At the same time, they would be helping to build a watchdog service that is community driven. He said that the Titan tool was an excellent example that Invictus was committed to legitimizing the crypto community.

Besides checking for plagiarism, this tool will give users a visual representation of how closely an ICO is related to others in regards to the sector and business model. This is useful for those who wish to perform a market analysis. The tool utilizes Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) and natural language preprocessing.

Invictus Capital Titan Conclusion

Titan recently reported on the CRYPT020 whitepaper. The report revealed that numerous projects had taken a considerable chunk of their content form the first whitepaper without consent or attribution. Besides that, these copycat whitepapers did not have any affiliation with the CRYPTO20 project. This tool is open to anyone.

With a vast number of ICOs currently going, the burden on independent investors to perform due diligence has become enormous. The Titan AI tool is going to be an essential tool in helping to vet any ICO an investor finds interesting. Besides that, Invictus will use this tool to determine when an ICO should be included in the Hyperion Fund. It is an investment fund that is set to launch on 30 April. The Hyperion Fund will work in the same way as a syndicate venture fund. It will be used to provide investors with exposure to early stages of blockchain projects.


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