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If you are new to cryptocurrency or already an avid investor, then you would be aware of just how hard it is to keep track of all your return on cryptocurrency investments. Additionally, it is a challenge to also accurately track the portfolio valuation, leave alone the overwhelming conversions you have to gauge each time.

Possible you might be in such a predicament but let it not spell disaster for your cryptocurrency trading or investing journey. There are plenty of portfolio management applications for your crypto investing and probably you’re already in possession of one. While a majority offer different options, today's article will boil down to one

What Is InWeCrypto?

InWeCrypto is a reasonably new portfolio management application that also provides a well-established community on their site. The focus is to let people track their cryptocurrencies, investments, and assets all in one place. Additionally, the mobile app solution will give the users a comprehensive overview of their portfolio across multiple exchanges as far as the particular coins in trade go. Ultimately, the InWeCrypto portfolio manager hopes to support more crypto investing through gauging investors with convenient and accurate cryptocurrency management solutions.

InWeCrypto Smart Blockchain News & Crypto Asset Wallet Features

As a useful application for people wanting to manage their portfolio, here are the notable features of the app:

  • Portfolio and a watch list of your leading crypto investments and assets
  • Detailed trading views to help users gauge on market sentiments and trends
  • Ability to accommodate multiple collections
  • Real-time price alerts and changes indication
  • An advanced import function for incorporating your details
  • Support for numerous functionalities across different devices
  • A comprehensive investment view to display the individual crypto investment.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Risk analysis
  • Access to a cryptocurrency news source

InWeCrypto App Advantages

  • Informed decision making- InWeCrypto provides for news and informational sources to have the user make informed decisions when it comes to crypto investing or fund allocation
  • Convenience- supporting multiple devices and operating system allows for a broad array of users across different devices such as Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS
  • Enables project follow-up- through the Op-Ed, project updates and trading views, users can gather essential information on how their investment projects are fairing
  • The CryptoCurve community allows for interactions among users with shared interests of crypto investments
  • Security- the mnemonic backup and use of private key storages provides for safe and secure storage, trading and exchange of the investment on a one-click basis
  • Multi-asset- InWeCrypto  wallet supports multiple assets based on ETH or NEO

InWeCrypto App Conclusion

As with every portfolio management application, it is always wise to consider the level of expertise and type of digital assets in place. For CryptoCurve the case is no different as you have to admit the legal and potential financial obligations of using the application. In my eyes, the form is not a severe contender compared to other models already in the market. Their user interface and features lack a general appeal, and there isn't anything unique that they intend to offer. Consequently, this is a visible indication that the portfolio manager is not a good option for exclusive management of your crypto investments.

Although it lacks the design and layout of most popular trackers, interested parties can download and try out the application from the platform's main website.

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