Even though ICOs are becoming popular by the day as more and more early-stage internet companies are raising funds through it, there are requirements for products that bridge the gap of traditional VCs and the new technology. IOB aspires to do so through a range of products and services.

About IOB

IOB LLC is a Delaware based company that focuses on investing in regulated financial, compliance, and technology companies. By doing so they are building the world’s first permissioned, multi-jurisdiction-compliant, and secure financial blockchain. They are calling this revolutionary mesh the ONE Finance Network and aim to eliminate all of the world’s financial transaction commissions through this.

IOB is helping promote an international ICO standard through undergoing prospectus filings for its Interactive Crypto Offerings in several countries. They are adopting a ‘same token, multiple offerings’ strategy.

They are already actively investing in the US, China, Germany, India, and UK, and plan to expand to other global financial centers as well.

Why Invest In IOB?

  • Legal: They maintain a healthy balance of innovation and regulation.
  • Fair: They always pay the investors a share of the profits.
  • Decentralized: All the decisions are taken by a consensus of investors through their Social Investment Program.
  • Proven: IOB has already made millions in profits.
  • Experienced: They have a team of veteran entrepreneurs.
  • Leadership: IOB is leading the way in closing the gap between regulators and investors.
  • Free: They are the first in the industry to abolish the Management Fee.

IOB Products And Services

IOB believes that the product and services offered by them will promote a healthy balance of innovation and regulation.

Social Investment Platform (SIP):

Every investor is an integral part of IOB as they will be contributing to their Crowd Wisdom Bots (CWBs). Combining passion, knowledge, insight and coding skills, they want to fundamentally change how investment decisions are made.

Interactive Cryptocurrency Offering (ICO):

To prepare for their ICO, they are proposing an Interactive Coin Offering which means that the investors are to be involved in setting the structure for the ICO. Investors have a say in deciding what is best for the company. In doing so they are harnessing the power of crowd wisdom rather than just decisions from the issuer.

International Regulated Exchange Network (IREN):

They are forging a regulated crypto trading alliance by investing in regulated, licensed and legal broker-dealers, trading systems and clearing agents in the US, UK, and Germany. They are bringing together an alliance of regulated entities to facilitate a global platform across multiple jurisdictions for trading, corporate finance, funds, accelerators and building sustainable pathways for the future.

IOB Conclusion

IOB is aware that the decentralization they are proposing is messy and disorganized in certain ways, however, they believe that democracy is messy In the spirit of a distributed society, we have to go through such an inconvenient process.

You can read more about them on their website .

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