What Is ioeX?

IoeX is a B2B2C platform that looks forward to offering a solution to the Internet of things (IoT) hardware firms. IoeX will create a decentralized and distributed network that will allow any Artificial Intelligence (AI) device to transmit information and data without the need for a storage or transmission center. By this, they will enforce a decentralized peer to peer network.

IoeX aims at eliminating or lowering the expenses and costs incurred due to network connections, file storage, data access, and transfer. Users will gain IOEX coins whenever they share bandwidth and storage space for their devices and equipment. To accomplish this, IOEX team has set up an online and physical bootstrap node all over the world. These nodes are linked to form the ioeX network where each device has a unique ID allowing safe and fair recording of data into the ioeX blockchain.

How ioeX Blockchain Internet of Everything & IoT P2P Network Works

Market Strategy

Smart devices using a large amount of traffic in the network will directly join the decentralized peer to peer network where the devices will automatically find a propagate data. Consumers of network traffic also serve as a peer to peer nodes within the network, which enables transfer of data and storage file.

Expansion Of Bootstrap Nodes

IoeX has several high-tech e-commerce system servers in operation that can serve as bootstrap nodes. This is achievable by introducing peer to peer network capabilities into the servers.

Besides, the platform integrates an e-commerce system where IoeX can market their software suits to interested people at cheaper costs. Such integrations can help in the installation of the software suite into small and microservers to allow operation of businesses at a lower cost.

Expansion Of Peer Nodes

IoeX has integrated P2P network capability into their smart device system. Therefore, whenever a user connects the device to the network, the device becomes a peer node automatically.

ioeX Token & ICO Details

IoeX gives incentives and rewards to users who relay and store data in their devices. Nodes that create network traffic and storage will be awarded cryptocurrencies according to the records in the blockchain ledger. The token coin “ioeX” will hence be issued during this rewarding process. The coin will be used in the following ways:

  • To get network service
  • Rewarding miners of blockchain ledger
  • Reward users who share bandwidth
  • Reward peer nodes who share storage capacity.
  • It acts as a payment tool in many other industries.

The GAS token will temporarily be used to minimize the number of steps involved in paying for services that require digital currency. Also, the token will reduce fluctuations that arise due to volatility.

  • Ticker: IOEX
  • Price: 1 IOEX = 0.68 USD
  • Token Type: Own Wallet
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Date: TBA

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