IOHK Cardano (ADA) Charles Hoskinson Interview Explains Being a Crypto CEO

Charles Hoskinson Explains What He Learned Being a Crypto CEO

Charles Hoskinson, an important figure in the cryptocurrency space and co-founder of the Ethereum Project, shared his experience leading one of the most interesting platforms in the market. At the same time, he is the CEO of IOHK, one of the companies behind Cardano’s development.

In a blog post, he decided to share his personal view and experience in the market as a crypto CEO. He explained that the cryptocurrency space is a mixed discipline compared to the one that it is possible to initially expect.

An important point that he makes is about how he sees things being a developer and building companies rather than being in the public sphere. He said that this could lead to contradictory working practices that demand research and black and white generalizations.

He says that middlemen aren’t always the enemy and that decentralization is not always the best objective. For example, LastPass is an application that allows users to store their passwords for different web accounts. And the company is not able to have access to these passwords even if desired.

He says that the goal is to remove useless middlemen in order to improve efficiency and not just decentralizing everything, which could lead to more inefficiencies than before.

Additionally, he stated that people talks as there is one main objective, but there are different political points of view and philosophies. And these philosophies are not related to creating better products for customers, but instead, CEOs are forced to play the political game in order to be successful.

This is something that can lead to twitter battles without sense which go away from the original purposes of companies.

In order to achieve harmony, he says that it is important to disentangle the politics from the engineering of the system. Ideologies should be discussed openly.

He has also commented that at Ethereum there were problems created by the abstraction of working groups. Hoskinson explained about it:

“Modern communication tools are incredibly good at keeping us all connected and informed, but they are useless for promoting empathy, building real relationships or proactively communicating implicit concerns.”

Furthermore, the relations between the members of a group became confused and stunted when everything is connected via electronic mediums. At IOHK, Hoskinson has tried to prioritize face to face meetings to keep things done properly.

As he says, a good beer and a conversation is all what it is needed to build common ground and empathy.

Finally, he reminds people that things can get tough and that every CEO should be prepared to fight them.

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