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Cardano Finally Gets A Visual Branding From The IOHKS Gource Project

The IOHK has recently been on a spree of updates as they have just come up with yet another brand refreshment for Cardano. They recently announced their collaboration with ZenCash, also referred to as ZEN, as they look forward to partner with even more cryptocurrencies in the market. But with all this happening it does not mean that cardinal will be receiving less attention.

More About The New Project

A project was established to refresh the Cardano or the ADA, the company design team at IOHK just started the portfolio. The design team aims to ensure they overhaul the website designs and also the display information that is present.

With this new project in place, it will ensure that the websites have been made more intuitive for users and the sites are able to convey the needed data more knowledgeable, to ensure the users are kept well informed.

The founder of the project Charles Hoskinson had previous mentions, where he went to explain the primary goal. Which is to ensure they give a clear picture to their clientele and also to provide the needed information in a better way than it has been witnessed in the market or even in any crypto project that we have ever come across.

Having the community involved with the project greatly helped in the launch of the reviewed Cardano roadmap, and this was released this year on May 8th. The roadmap is displaying the results of several months of hard work, but this is not all that has been included. It also has the new features from the exploring developer that will commit to the notifications for the release of the company roadmap on a monthly basis.

There Is Also Another Project

But this is not all that the project has been able to do as there is a release of the Gource, which will be a data visualization project. The project has been created from the Git repository; thus, this will make it a dynamic and also a living artwork. It is a project that has been evolving in real time all this depending on the developer commitment.

The project will feature an all Cardano website that will have a full-screen view available that will have a very interactive functionality for the users to explore. Every project that the company will develop will have a different GitHub file structure, while Gource will be representing this and still acting as a very unique fingerprint for each of the projects.

But this is not all as the company promises there will be more features that will be included in the near future. For the very first time, Cardano now has a real brand identity, which was the actual aim of the project initially.

The redesign that is taking place ensures it will completely redefine the current understanding that exists in IOHK projects, as a result, this should help in how they evolve in their communication as a company.



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