Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Talks About Google Meet-Up On AMA

Charles Hoskinson, a former CEO of Ethereum and founder of Cardano, has recently held a surprise Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. Many questions about the market and the community were asked during the meet-up and one of the subjects that appeared during the event was a recent buzz about a possible Google-Cardano partnership that could be happening.

The Google-Cardano Possible Partnership

Since the IOHK team has released a transcript of a meeting with Google, buzz about a possible partnership has been seen on the internet. The transcript was published on the official blog of the company and Charles and people from Google are seen discussing many topics on the document.

Some of the topics include the Cardano road map, privacy using the blockchain technology and Oroborus. Unfortunately for the speculators, the founder Charles Hoskinson has denied any possible partnership with Google at the moment.

No Partnership With Google

The meeting, which was supposed to be held on Ireland initially, was actually held in London last month. The representants from the two companies talked about several subjects and Hoskinson told the internet during the AMA that only questions related to the crypto market, technology used in Cardano and the role of the company were topics of the conversation.

While many people were speculating about a possible partnership, the founder of Cardano guarantees that Google has no interest in the company at all. According to him, Google is a multi-national company and one of the largest and most powerful ones in the planet. He believes that Google would simply “go ahead and do their own Thing” instead of partnering up.

With so many scientists and access to high technology, Google would not need a partner even if it was Ethereum or Bitcoin, the executive believes, much less Cardano.

He also added that Google is a good patron for open source technology and that a lot of the employees at the company spend their weekends contributing to open source projects. A lot of the employees are enthusiasts of the cryptocurrency market, but that is all.

The founder of Cardano believes that Google would simply follow the path that Microsoft, Apple and Facebook would probably take: to create its own currency with full power over it. Why go after a smaller company when you have the resources to do your own project with total control? So the partnership does not seem likely… at least at the moment.

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