Is IOSToken a Major Global Blockchain On the Rise?

IOSToken (IOST) is a new blockchain platform that has been keeping people’s attention lately. Marketed as one of the most scalable blockchain platforms in the market at the moment, this company has remained decentralized since it was created, providing developers who want to use it endless possibilities for building new dapps with cutting edge technology.

Is IOSToken A Good Token To Watch?

It looks like IOSToken has potential, specially when you look at the growth of this cryptocurrency since its inception and during most of 2018. The token was created by professionals who gave it usability features like being able to convert services to cash with the token. Also, the blockchain technology is excellent for making the product considerably secure.

A sign that the token is on the right track is that, while it currently runs on the Ethereum blockchain and it uses Ethereum smart contracts, the company is thinking about launching its own blockchain in the near future. Because of this, the creators believe that they stand a chance of competing with the big tokens of the market.

One of the main reasons why the demand of this token is growing is basically because it offers a service that can be considered an analogue to companies like Amazon and Alibaba but, at the same time, it offers a completely decentralized service.

This project has a high scalability and it uses a new proof of believability protocol to ensure that the transactions are true. Because of these factors, the platform intends to achieve a great share of the market.

With a team of graduates from Harvard and a lot of ambition, this company is definitely something to watch out for. Sure, it is hard to know which will be the next greatest company to emerge in the cryptocurrency market but with companies like this one it is sure that you will not be investing in a company that has no future at all.

The IOSToken Price Overview

At the time of this report, IOST tokens were trading at the price of $0.0285 USD each. The token is testing the $0.029 range and was traded for about $0.025 to $0.026 USD when its price was low.

The IOSToken is the 54th cryptocurrency by market capitalization in the market right now and it is worth $239,090,040 at the moment with a volume of about $33 million in the last hours. The total supply of the token is $21 billion IOST tokens, but only $8.4 billion of them are circulating right now.

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