IOTA Is Developing Nearly 20 mIOTA Projects For Mainstream Use

IOTA or MIOTA is releasing statements about more than 20 projects the company is working on. The new programs are promised to be irresistible once they are fully developed. The team has said some of their projects are in development but there isn’t any indication as to when they will be released. Once they are released, they’ll push for rapid mainstream adoption of IOTA.

One of the projects is known as Qubic, it has been in the spotlight for a while. The project is going to be used to make IOTA compete with Ethereum, which upsets some people because they don’t have good scalability and high fees. The company has a machine learning, smart computing potentials to create superb benefits. It’s more rewarding when compared to Ethereum.

MAM+ is another of the companies and is getting a lot of focus from IOTA. Though MAM is under review, it’s said to be a second layer – and uses a data communication protocol, that gives the ability to use encrypted data.

  • Cooricide: Simulations, analysis, modeling, and coo-less IOTA
  • Autopeering: Analytics for risks with auto peer discovery
  • Economic Incentives: Using Tangle works to scale from a game perspective
  • Consensus Spec: Detailed specs of cryptography in IOTA, also intended for peers
  • Crypto Spec: Detailed specs on cryptography for IOTA
  • Attack Analysis: Thorough simulation and analysis of known network vendors for attacking
  • Exchange Hub: Enables exchanges to integrate IOTA I days or weeks instead of months
  • IRI: Ongoing maintenance as well improvement to the IOTA software
  • Coo-Free IRI: Rebuilding IRI to allow for alternative consensus mechanisms
  • Local Snapshots & Permanodes: Enabling node operators in order to maintain or change the tangle history as they see fit
  • Iota.JS: Modularized for npm that are fully typed for safety
  • Tanglescope: Enables deeper insights into tangle performance as well metrics through monitoring
  • IOTA Controlled Agent: A prototype that is in early stage of implementation using swarm logic
  • Trinary has function: Renowned cryptographers optimized for the IoT
  • Protocol finalization: On the IOTA protocol can’t easily be changed for newer devices in the real world

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