IOTA Trinity Mobile Wallet & Desktop App For mIOTA Releases New Features List

One of the top cryptos in the market, IOTA, has recently announced that the Trinity Mobile Beta, its mobile wallet would be released soon. Now the upgrade of the new wallet is out, although still in Beta, so you can expect some bugs.

The software is still during the beta testing phase and over 20,000 users worldwide. At the moment, the main concern of the company is to keep the software as bug-free as possible while introducing new features and making the performance of the app better.

According to the company, Beta is a very important phase of the app because it connects the current technology with many people but also limits the number so there is a consistent feedback about the product that is more controlled and causes fewer issues and complaints than if the system was implemented directly into a larger scale.

Because of this, IOTA will do everything in its power to ensure that the software is 100% ready before fully releasing it into the market.

The List Of Updates Before The Final Release

The main functions that will be still implemented are: snapshot transition, storing transaction trytes locally, receive page Performance, Node Quorum, seedback options, Seed Vault password protected QR code, password strength requirements, Nice-to-have features, background processes, dealing with funds at spent addresses, password manager integration for iOS and deep-linking.

The desktop version of the wallet will also receive updates: Seed Vault and additional security improvements.

According IOTA, the final 10% always takes much longer to implement than the previous 90%, so bug-fixing might still be made for quite some time while the alpha testers use the program to know how to improve it. Once the bugs have been fixed and the updates are complete, the mobile wallet will finally be able to leave Beta.

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