IP Gold Digital Asset Crypto-Hedge Leaves Ethereum For NEM Blockchain

The love between IP Gold, the digital asset crypto-hedge, and the Ethereum blockchain has strained as the company announced announced its move from Ethereum to the NEM Blockchain.

IP Gold said the move was occasioned by the proliferation of tokens and other Decentralized Applications (Dapps) on the Ethereum blockchain that are straining the transaction capabilities and speed of its underlying infrastructure.

IP.Gold operates a scalable, proven IP asset ecosystem that maximizes the monetization of digital assets through their lifecycle while providing asset growth, downside protection, and crypto volatility diversification.

It also deploys a proven set of value-added transactional services on its digital assets to maximize is revenue generating capabilities and attractiveness to customers – while providing asset growth and security, downside protection and risk diversification to our token holders. This ensures a healthy increase in IPG Token value, regardless of market conditions, and a stable, ongoing 20% Quarterly Gross Revenue Share.

Why NEM Blockchain

The NEM blockchain comes a trustworthy alternative with more scalability, security and enterprise features for coins and tokens looking at long-term stability and operation, as IP Gold.

David Grieshaber, CIO at IP Gold reiterated that the proven scalability, support, and security of the NEM blockchain offers the most future-proof platform for the IPG token and IP Gold community.

So for IP Gold, NEM’s peer-to-peer architecture, proof of importance (POI) algorithm, encryption and multisig account support made it the obvious choice for its long-term goals.

Digital assets, particularly those that have been around long before crypto, provide a consistent hedge and revenue stability outside of the crypto markets. IP Gold is a digital asset management company that utilizes the blockchain and smart contracts to reduce overheads, better manage the process of acquiring and monetizing its digital assets and coordinate the thousands of complex global transactions in the asset monetization lifecycle.

With the NEM switch, the IP.Gold ecosystem can continue to deliver many data and other monetization services simultaneously on a digital asset, which maximizes the ongoing revenue model. By integrating blockchain, smart contracts, AI, IP.Gold hopes to continue to streamline the acquisition of digital assets, manage their ongoing value and significantly reduce operational overhead.

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