The creators of the IP.Gold project has discovered that IP addresses present a unique and profitable opportunity. They realized that those little numbers on computers could be used for more than just accessing your favorite sites.

IP addresses make it possible for everyone to access a wide array of services in their daily lives. These services fuel revenues that are worth billions of dollars for online marketers, advertisers, and many others.

While new standards are planned to alleviate the shortage of IP addresses in coming days, right now IP addresses are becoming quite scarce. This has created major problems for some but the developers of IP.Gold see a huge opportunity.

What Is IP.Gold?

IP.Gold will maximize the monetization of services that are delivered on IP addresses. This will be based on a proven profitable model. The ecosystem created by this project will pick IP addresses that are acquired by IP.Gold and assign them to services in a manner that leads to revenue generation. The ecosystem is flexible and makes it possible for one IP and services to be delivered long term, depending on the phase of the life cycle.

This ensures maximization of short-term revenue and stability in revenue generation for the long term. The ecosystem is scalable so that more IP addresses can be added leading to more revenue. Best of all, the ecosystem generates revenue on IP address, which means the asset value continues to rise.

The IP.Gold ecosystem will utilize the blockchain and smart contracts to expand the uses in securing the transfer of IP addresses. It will work in a manner similar to domain transfer security, which will make crypto payments possible for IP address assets. IP.Gold also plans to make use of AI and automation. This will ensure that it works faster to identify and transfer assets, thus setting up revenue generation much faster. This will also help to cut down on operational overhead.

This Is Not Just an Idea

IP.Gold is not just an idea. It is a model based on an existing business, which is run by the founders of this project. The aim of this project is to expand on the existing idea by acquiring more infrastructure and IP addresses. In just 45 days after the ICO, the ecosystem could start generating revenue. IP.Gold plans to allocate 20% of gross revenue to contributors of this project every quarter.

About IP.Gold ICO

IP.Gold is planning an ICO; the private sale is already underway and will end in 17 days. After that, the main ICO will launch on May 2, 2018. The funds will be used to expand an existing business that is already successful. The ecosystem created by IP.Gold to monetize IP address will have six life cycles. Since the ecosystem is so flexible, it will be able to support various services on each IP address. All the IP address assets owned by the IP.Gold project is fully verifiable and can be traded commercially. That means the tokens from the ICO will be asset-backed.

  • Token Symbol: IPG
  • Token Sale Starts: April 2, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: April 30, 2018
  • Total Supply: 20Million
  • Token Standard: ERC 20
  • Soft Cap: 2 Million
  • Hard Cap: 13 Million


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