What Is IPChain?

IPChain is an application created with blockchain technology that is designed to help create and protect intellectual property.

The company was created in October 2016, before which they performed many months of research into technical solutions, market analysis, and reaching out to the top experts on intellectual property. After all of this research, they decided that the best way to implement the right technology for IPChain was to use the UTXO model that is similar to the Bitcoin network.

What Problems Does IPChain Seeks To Solve

The biggest challenge with intellectual property is actually protecting it once you’ve released it to the world. How do you prove it’s your IP and defend it? This challenge is faced daily and many IP owners are fighting a losing battle. The traditional methods for defining and protecting intellectual property have been monopolized by huge organizations who charge high prices to register your IP. This process is long and complicated and many people never make it to the end to receive their certificate of intellectual property.

These major monopolies put all the power in the hands of the organizations and not in the hands of the creators. Through the innovation of blockchain technology, individuals now have the ability to prove and protect their intellectual property at a fraction of the cost.

All users have to do is register their IP on the blockchain, and they can now have a trusted time-stamped proof of ownership that cannot be edited or tampered with. This allows an authentic certificate to be issued that can then be provided publicly and used to protect the IP.

IPC Chain was created to become a new infrastructure in the IP field that can provide a safer, more efficient, and more accessible application for registering and protecting intellectual property. They are currently working with a team of partners to implement IPChain commercial applications in substantial knowledge assets, technological innovation, audio and video production, electronic publishing, and cultural transmission.

IPChain Global Intellectual Property Business Blockchain Advantages

Original DPOC Consensus Mechanism

The IPChain blockchain uses a Contribution Authorization Mechanism that is 40 times faster than Bitcoin. Their block capacity is more than 80 times larger than Bitcoin’s transaction capacity and can handle up to 800 transactions every second. This enhanced speed is excellent for supporting high-frequency trading. The mining process for IPC is more stable, more economical, and does not waste as many resources.

Creative UTXO Business Model

IPChain expands on the original UTXO model to allow the customization of different transaction types to suite intellectual property. It can support the ability for users to deposit, confirm, authorize, and transact any intellectual property as needed.

Expanded Algorithm

IPChain has expanded their signature algorithm for encryption and decryption In order to support algorithms that require multiple signatures, such as SM3 cryptographic hash algorithm and SM2 elliptic curve public-private key algorithm. This makes it safer and more convenient to calculate key systems.

Complex Yet Flexible Transactions

The IPChain transaction model is designed to be able to complete a wide array of complicated commercial functions, including property auctions, property bonds, proprietary property transactions, audio property transactions, video property transactions, and contribution cumulative transactions.

IPChain Business Applications

New Value Of Knowledge Economy

This blockchain is specifically designed for knowledge-based properties. It can support the preservation and protection of a variety of media and content like evidence rights protection, evidence sources, and copyright evidence preservation.

IRC20 Trading Model

Their custom IRC Trading Model is much like Ethereum's ERC20 model, and it is designed to create digital assets to represent digital knowledge IP. Any person, company, or organization can use this model for creating, transmitting, trading, and authorizing digital assets on the blockchain. This specially built model is designed to account for the robust security needs of digital IP.

Mobile Application Support

The UTXO model can support different functions like light purses and push packages that can be installed on a mobile device to create a customized and decentralized mobile application. The model is able to support the IPC blockchain and adapt to APP applications, API services, and mobile/internet APP combinations.

IPChain Conclusion

IPChain is a new blockchain technology that is designed to revolutionize the way we register, protect, and transact intellectual property. If it is successful, it will make it easier for individuals and organizations everywhere to protect, buy, and sell IP rights with a method that is faster and easier than today’s traditional processes.

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