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IPFS Releases 0.5.0 Network Upgrade, Finding and Fetching Data Is Now 5 Times Faster

interPlanetary File System (IPFS) is poised to make five and ever twenty-five-fold increases to data upload times for users.

The Peer-to-peer file and web hosting platform – InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) – has stated that it is conducting its largest network upgrade so far.

IPFS, which was designed and created by Protocol Labs, has announced that the network upgrade will help in enhancing its content routing process.

As per the announcement, the platform will roll on its latest IPFS version 0.5 starting April 28th. The report claims that the new version will offer a 25 fold increase in data uploading speeds. Content fetching will also be enhanced by between two to five times and searching for nodes will now be two to six times faster following the upgrade.

Source: IPFS Blog

IPFS utilizes a distributed hash table (DHT) for indexing all its files and enabling file navigation. Following this upgrade, DHT implementation was thoroughly overhauled to enhance the logic leading to a highly efficient system. The announcement stated:

“This has made searching faster and more efficient — meaning significantly fewer dials, faster queries, and less bandwidth for the network as a whole.”

Molly Mackinlay IPFS chief explained that enhancing the speed of finding as well as fetching content will greatly also enhance the user experience for the entire apps as well as websites developed on top of IPFS.

Mackinlay also explained that the upgrade will be imperative mostly for decentralized apps which require fast updates, data transfers as well as content routing. She also added that the upgrade will ensure the costs of service operations come down for developers.

Mackinlay explained:

“There's also a ton of smaller features – like support for .eth domains, tools for fast data importing and exporting, and developer tooling improvements.”

Mackinlay elaborated further that more upgrades are in the pipeline as there's space for more improvements. She stated that IPFS 0.6 as well as 0.7 will be announced later in the current quarter.

IPFS provides peer-to-peer alternatives to the traditional file-sharing network such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Rather than using the client-server process, IPFS offers various web elements and utilizes distributed nodes.



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