The blockchain has become a highly fecund environment for innovative and disruptive ideas. New initial coin offerings launch every day, providing investors with the ability to invest in promising new concepts and platform. It’s already apparent that the blockchain is set to become the future of the internet at large, driving a massive wave of innovation through the digital world.

While initial coin offerings are a highly effective method for platforms that use tokens as an integral part of their architecture to gather venture capital, they’re not necessarily the ideal vehicle for every kind of start up. The distributed nature of blockchain technology, however, still provides new startups with many different methods of raising the capital they need to launch.

A new blockchain platform is aiming to leverage the unique functionality of the blockchain to provide new startups with the connections and capital they need to transform their ideas into viable products or businesses. iPronto, built on the Ethereum blockchain, is set to launch an initial coin offering in order to generate the capital they themselves need to get started.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the iPronto platform and find out out how it works, in addition to assessing the upcoming iPronto ICO to help you determine whether it’s worth investing in.

What is iPronto ICO?

iPronto intends to create a highly dynamic, easy-to-deploy blockchain platform that will connect all of the disparate stakeholders in the startup ecosystem. By creating a common platform on which these entities will be able to interact, the iPronto team is aiming to speed up incubator and accelerator programs.

Virtually any element of the startup environment is able to use the iPronto platform to help manifest promising concepts into real world businesses or products. The iPronto platform will be ideal for incubation functional units, boards of directors of incubator centers, external freelancers and contractors, VC and ICO participants, client companies, and even government or regulatory bodies.

Overall, the iPronto platform wants to build an ecosystem that nourishes and nurtures both amatuer and professional innovators, bringing together the most promising concepts, resources, and financing into one comprehensive platform.

iPronto will act as a “decentralized middleman” between investors and incubators, providing promising innovators with a platform on which to present their concept. Inverters will be able to view a library of projects and invest in the platforms or ideas that they find most attractive.

How iPronto Works

iPronto is focused on providing users with all of the tools required to implement smart contracts on the Ethereum network that can be used to manage accounting and finance, investments from VC, angel investors, and initial coin offerings, legal and regulatory processes, and government functions.

Importantly, iPronto will incorporate a complex screening process that will promote high levels of transparency, accountability, and reliability in order to place eligible startups on the platform. The screening process is led by an expert onboarding committee, and is further regulated by community voting.

Startups that are selected to enter the iPronto platform will then be provided with additional guidance and a range of different tools that they can use to polish their concept in order to make it more attractive to potential investors. The iPronto platform will also adhere to Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations with respect to global standards.

Each member of the iPronto community will be provided with a social score based on both their history on the platform as well as their interactions with the community at large. The key mechanism that will drive the iPronto platform is the iPronto token, which is intended to be used for a variety of purposes.

The iPronto token will be used to pay membership fees and signup fees, as well as used for transferring value between investors and incubators. Exchange commission will also be provided in iPronto tokens. Lastly, iPronto also plan to release a debit card solution, which will incur usage fees that will be charged in iPronto.

The iPronto ICO

The iPronto pre-sale is currently live, and was launched on the 27th of November 2017. The main ICO of the iPronto platform will begin on the 20th of January, 2018, in which 45 million iPronto tokens will be created. 27 million of these tokens will be available to crowdsale participants over both the pre-sale and the ICO.

During the pre-sale, iPronto tokens will be provided at a 15% discount, which will shift to a 10% discount in the ICO proper. iPronto tokens are available for a fixed price of $0.90 per coin

The Verdict On iPronto ICO

The iPronto platform is an interesting take on the incubation ecosystem, and could potentially provide a range of unique and innovative concepts with the ability to access startup capital that would otherwise be unavailable. If you’re interested in seeing the benefits of blockchain technology brought to the incubation space, iPronto is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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