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IQ Token Will Blockchain Powered, On-Demand Internet Access To People

A company called IQ Token has recently announced that it is developing a new platform that will let the consumers access an on-demand premium internet line which will be facilitated by the blockchain technology and will be 100% independent from the existing provider of the user.

This service was created to ensure that the users will have the access to an optimal internet with a great performance for critical periods of high latency. The platform analyzes the internet traffic and the latency patterns of a certain channel. This way, users can access this new internet channel in exchange of tokens.

About IQ Token

IQ Token Was Created To Solve Internet Speed And Connection Issues

All the data will be stored on smart contracts and the transactions will all be processed in real time on the network which will facilitate how payment will be made to various ISPs. The co-founder of the IQ Token, Heng Him, has stated that the inspiration for creating the company has come from some money lost due to failed video conferences because internet has lagged.

He thought that it could be an excellent solution to create a platform that could solve this problem for people. He also stated that he believed that the blockchain technology was directly linked with the future of the telecom industry.

The company was founded by “a diverse group of crypto enthusiasts and telecom and IT industry veterans”, what united to create a platform that could give optimized internet access to people willing to pay more for it.

The press release from the company states that some other benefits from the program are less congestion because the program separates the special activities that you paid to enhance from the normal activities that you would do on the internet.

IQ Token also promises fair fees that will only cost some pennies for hours of connection and improved revenues for the ISPs that will be able to charge the users for premium services. This company was founded by Heng Him and Nathaniel Helfrey. They have over 20 years of experience creating secure networks.

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