What Is Intelligence Quotient Benefit Chain?

Intelligence Quotient Benefit Chain, popularly shortened to IQ Benefit Chain or IQB-C is designed and built to be an intelligence-based system for distributing income using an online live streaming interactive medium as its primary product. IQB-C focuses on attracting users to take their live trivia and win prizes, gifts via the handsome jackpot, and enter into prize draws.

IQB-C attracts advertisers using their highly efficient advertising effects, and the fact that the company maintains ledgers on the blockchain technology to boost transparency and security. The IQB-C system also uses the IQB token as the only value delivery object within the system, thereby helping to eliminate any chances of barriers in each link, and will turn the live-streaming channel into an invaluable sharing platform.

Features Of IQB-C

The best thing about Intelligence Quotient Benefit Chain is that it is a blockchain application that focuses on delivering value to its users, and to benefit advertisers looking to cast the widest net for their products and services. The company has been in operation for years and has a rich catalog of live-streaming, internet traffic management, and online advertising resources at its disposal.

The IQB-C team has, in the recent past, launched a number of fully-functional interactive live-streaming and advertising management platforms as well as interactive live-streaming applications that run on Android and iOS. With the launch of these two end-user applications, IQB-C began to attract a significant number of daily active users and even managed to secure multiple advertising service contracts.

The funds raised on the IQB-C platform is mainly channeled to the in-depth research and development of blockchain technologies, new ways to integrate underlying technologies with new innovations, and the construction of a completely closed ecological loop that is not just safe and secure but also dependable and fast.

About Intelligence Quotient Benefit Chain

The idea of Intelligence Quotient Benefit Chain arose due to the need to merge all the benefits of using Intelligence Quotient to increase sales, come up with bold and profitable products, and to have it all run on the blockchain. The IQB-C team, led by CEO Chen Yongxin, is confident that the combined benefits of IQ business and the transparency and reliability of blockchain will lead to the development of new services that the end-user did not even envision was possible.

Based on the company’s timeline on its homepage, IQB-C expects to launch the IQB app formally towards the end of July, and an IQB-C demo that uses the underlying blockchain technologies will come later in November. By February 2019, the company expects to release IQB-C 1.0 for the public with tons of improvements on the main chain.

IQB Crypto ICO Details

The company is working on holding its first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where the token supply will represent about 20 per cent of the total token supply. This means that of the total 200 million available IQB tokens, investors can jump in with about $0.016 US per token and contribute to the 20,000 ETH that the company needs to make the IQB-C dream a reality.


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