The platform is the new source for cloud storage that is based on cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. They are going to also be setting up a new payment system that is based on cryptocurrency as well. IQI Global Decentralization Network is the full name of the company and you can read the whitepaper, view the smart contract or buy the tokens on the company website.

How Does IquiCoin Work?

IQUI DRIVE has one completed several important tasks. They’ve created tools integrated into a storage system that is complete with enhanced levels of communication as well as data sharing between the network’s users. And this is said to be useful for beginners and veterans, whether you’re a first timer or user of another site, you’ll be able to easily create storage space in a very simple way that is cost effective and safe.

The IQUICoin is a platform that is basically attempting to be the future of cloud storage. You can use the token in your wallet, with iquipay (mastercard), on exchanges, or with the IQUI DRIVE. The debit card dis designed with growing more popular with more people trusting digital currency to the point of using it for regular everyday transactions. But there are still issues with withdrawing and using it in many locations, like for shopping or booking and making various payments.

The IQUI Debit card is said to fix the problem. It’s built on blockchain technology and is specially designed to be used for normal payments like multiple repayment options with additional virtual cards they create on the system.

About IquiCoin ICO

The IQUI token is based on the ERC20 standard technology and is ideal for achieving optimal levels of security and to reduce the price of transaction fees for users of the platform. The ICO started on March 19th, 2018 and is running until May 17th, 2018. They take Ethereum as their accepted payment when buying tokens. And The number of tokens available are 6,000,000 IQI. The exchange rate for the tokens are 1 ETH to 815 IQI with the price of 1 IQI equaling $0.065 USD. Basically, you have about five days to buy tokens for the current sale.

And along with being an ERC20 token, it also uses them to operate the Ethereum Smart Contracts. With the IQUI Drive, security is guaranteed because of the blockchain technology and the smart contracts. People interested in seeing the roadmap should go to the company website and check out how the progress for the company is going.

Who Is Behind IquiCoin?

Luque Ruben is the CEO and Co-Founder and Chris Kloor is the Blockchain Engineer. They are heading the team and have social media profiles on Facebook. Other than that, there is no information about the team or where they are from.

IquiCoin In Conclusion

Ultimately, the idea of having the debit card that works on regular purchases is the most attractive feature of the platform. But other than that, information on what they do is fairly limited. There also isn’t much information on who is running the show or where the company is located. I consider this a very high-risk investment with little chance for decent ROIs. Still, if you want, you can learn more at

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